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Classic Lashes – Double Your Lash Volume with One Lash at a Time

Classic Lashes – Double Your Lash Volume with One Lash at a Time

Isn’t it the dream of every girl to have fluttery eyelashes? Many of us struggle with that mascara every single day, trying to ramp up the length and volume of the lashes but ending up feeling disappointed by its results. If you want a better solution without the hassles of acing the mascara swipe every […]


Flattering Black Friday Deals for The Beauty Obsessed

Someone has rightly said that “Your eyes introduce you before you speak.” Expressing emotions for every mood; happiness, anger, anxiousness, or even naughtiness, your sparkling eyes can prompt them all. It won’t be wrong to say that your eyes can play an instrumental role in shaping facial features and giving an appealing look to your […]


Are Lash Extensions better than A Lash Lift?

Hey, young lady! We know you look beautiful, stylish and charming. And we also understand that you wish to spread the magic where ever you go. The dilemma of choosing the best for yourself might be a real pain in the ass. Isn’t it? If you are standing at the crossroads of choosing between lash […]

Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day

Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day!

Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollars on expensive makeup brands and long hours in front of the mirror, you seem to look the same every day? In the meantime, other women around you are becoming more and more glamorous each passing day? One beauty trend that is optimizing the natural […]


10 Coolest Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019

With Halloween around the corner, have you decided what your Halloween costume is going to be? If not, don’t worry. Sometimes, Halloween can be a stressful season to think, create and dress up as someone else. Some get bored of the idea of dressing up for Halloween and may even end up wearing the same […]


5 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful and convenient way to enhance your natural beauty and decrease the your daily beauty routine. When asked why they get eyelash extensions, Wisp Lashes clients cite a wide array of benefits. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits mentioned! Benefit 1:  Self Confidence Boost Many, many Wisp Lashes clients […]