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How to Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Clean?

Keeping your lashes clean means, they’re going to remain looking good and last a bit longer on your natural lashes. Keeping your lash extensions clean is not hard but neglecting them will cost you! Keeping your lash extensions clean is not hard but neglecting them will cost you! Here is our simple guide to keeping […]

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Seven Shocking Facts About Lash Shedding

Lash shedding occurs for everyone and is a normal occurrence that happens more often than you think. Lash shedding happens with or without lash extensions and is important for the hair growth process. People typically loose about 20% of their lashes within a two-week period. Natural eyelashes can grow in and fall out in hair […]


Six MakeUp Tips For Women On The Go

Being in a rush is no fun, especially when you’re a woman. Finding the time to do a full face of makeup is harder each day. That’s why we have simplified it for you. These makeup tips will have you out of the door in under 15 minutes. Makeup Tip #1 Use a tinted moisturizer […]


Lash Extensions Myths Busted

Hey there, gorgeous!  Let’s be honest; we all love waking up with full and fluttery lashes that make us feel like a total bombshell. But the sad part is not everyone is blessed with such lashes naturally. Consider eyelash extensions – a treatment that promises to make your eyes pop without applying mascara or falsies.  […]

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Best Makeup Products To Use For Eyelash Extensions In 2019

Today everyone is always raving about how amazing new makeup products are, whether that be from YouTube, Instagram or a friend. While wearing eyelash extensions may make it hard to try out every new product, there are still many appraised makeup products out there for our lash lovers! Going from moisturizer all the way to […]