Classic Eyelash Extensions: Ready To Face the Day When You Are!

Whatever your day holds, face it with confidence with Wisp’s full set of classic eyelash extensions, meticulously customized just for you. Classic Lashes are your ideal gateway into the world of lashes, delivering a more dramatic and captivating look that’s sure to leave an impression!

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What Are Classic Lashes?

Classic Eyelashes are a 1:1 bond. This means that for each natural eyelash, a client will receive 1 eyelash extension.

One thing that is different at Wisp Lashes is that we lash EVERY SINGLE healthy and viable eyelash during each appointment. That means that whether you have 50 natural lashes or 200, your lash volume will double with a Classic set eyelashes.


A Customized Look

During each Classic Eyelash Extension appointment, your Lash Artist will create a custom lash map based on your natural lashes, eye shape, and desired lash look. Wisp Lash Artists take into account the intricacies of your natural lash length, strength, shape, and density to curate a masterpiece – a classic full set eyelashes that’s uniquely yours.

In a world where every client boasts distinctive eye shapes, natural lash features, and personal preferences, our commitment to excellence means that each eyelash extension set is a one-of-a-kind creation. We celebrate individuality and ensure that your lashes are as unique as you are.

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Who Benefits From Classic Lashes?

Classic natural Eyelash Extensions are perfect for clients with naturally long and healthy eyelashes. 

Clients who are looking to ditch the mascara for a longer, darker eyelash experience would be ideal candidates for our classic full sets.

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Classic Lash Appointments

Making an appointment for a Classic Lash Set or Classic Lash Fill at Wisp Lashes is the beginning of your wonderful lash journey. Wisp Lashes employs the best lash artists in the country – implementing top of the line training and products to deliver lash services unlike any other. Our luxury lash salons provide an escape from everyday stresses while you are pampered and transformed. Please allow 2 hours for a full Classic set and 1 hour for each fill! Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance for a new client and 5 minutes in advance of appointment times for fills. You will be provided lash cleaner and wands to wash your lashes at the beginning of each appointments. Come experience the difference at Wisp Lashes.

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