With Halloween around the corner, have you decided what your Halloween costume is going to be?

If not, don’t worry. Sometimes, Halloween can be a stressful season to think, create and dress up as someone else. Some get bored of the idea of dressing up for Halloween and may even end up wearing the same thing as they did last year.

However, do something different this Halloween season with our cool last-minute Halloween makeup ideas for you!

Top Makeup Ideas for Halloween

1. The Sexy Masquerade Mask

Who said you could only wear those colorful masquerade masks when you go to parties? Look glamorous this Halloween with the sexy masquerade mask makeup look. For this, all you need to do is to pick up a base color from your eyeshadow palette and create a mask-like look around your eye. Add more colors and elements to give the feel of the mask.

Complete the look with some volume Eyelash Extensions, thick mascara, and eyeliner to complete the look.

2. The Scary Witch of Salem

In the spirit of the Halloween season, dress up as a witch it the black clothes and funky jewelry you already have! The important part about creating a complete witch look is the makeup. It would be best if you had some dark-colored makeup starting with some black eyeshadow, long-winged eyelash extensions, Thick Eyebrows and a dark brown or black shade of lipstick.

3. The Gorgeous Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a hit Halloween makeup idea that many girls love. If you have picked out the right costume, then all that’s left is some right makeup to transform yourself to look like Wonder Woman. Make sure to wear that golden headband like the Wonder Woman and keep your makeup clean and minimal.

4. The Cat Woman

Talking about superheroes, Catwoman is yet again a popular and easy Halloween costume to recreate with the things you already have. Pick out some light leather pants, a sexy top and add a cat ears headband. For the makeup, add a thick layer of black eyeshadow around the eye and do some heavy eye makeup with eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelash extensions, and mascara for that piercing look.

5. The Batty-Eyed Mermaid

It’s reasonably easy to pick out a mermaid costume. The most important thing you need is a lot of attention on your makeup. For the mermaid, it is best to go for a blue tinge in your makeup. After the basic dewy look makeup coverage, go for sky blue eyeshadows with winged eyelash extensions and maybe some small stars around the eyebrows to create the look. Keep your lip colors bright and natural and your eyes the focus of the makeup.

6. The Frightening Vampire

This is another easy last-minute Halloween costume. You don’t need to concentrate too much on the costume; just some great makeup skills will do. Go for the dark and gloomy makeup and if possible, try to use some neutral-colored eye lens for the frightening look.

7. The Broken Baby Doll

Baby doll costumes during Halloween are common; but with the same costume and some scary makeup, you can take this look to a whole new level! Start with the usual makeup for the baby doll look and towards the end, incorporate some eyeliner tricks on the cheeks for the broken face look and do the same for your arms and legs.

8. The Awkward Clown

This Halloween look gives you enough options to try and create your look. There is no textbook look to follow for the awkward clown look and therefore, you are free to add your colors and incorporate your ideas to create a unique look.

9. The Reptilian Woman

As Halloween is all about scaring people, you can become a reptile with just the right makeup techniques. For this look, it is vital to add some scales with the help of makeup on your face and your neck. Don’t highlight your lips and instead highlight your eyes with the right color contact lens and eyelash extensions.

10. The Walking Zombie

You can never go wrong this Halloween by going as a zombie. If you aren’t ready to put in efforts for the costume, then zombie looks it is. Just some dark, unwashed clothes with some blood stains all over with the right somber makeup, you will be all set to scare people off!

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