Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollars on expensive makeup brands and long hours in front of the mirror, you seem to look the same every day? In the meantime, other women around you are becoming more and more glamorous each passing day? One beauty trend that is optimizing the natural beauty of women around the globe is individual eyelash extensions. Visit Wisp Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Shaping salon to get effortless, healthy, voluminous eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. 

Wisp Eyelash Extension serves in Knoxville, TN enhance your natural beauty by adding eye-opening, long and dark synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions on top of your natural lashes. Our synthetic eyelash extensions are made and designed to suit your natural eyelash stature and don’t look obviously artificial. With an expert team of trained artists, you will receive customized mapping ensuring that the length and shape of your eyelashes are perfectly complemented.

Wisp Eyelash Extensions are a great way to add glamour to your look without an added step to your everyday beauty routine. Though the length and lash density vary greatly among clients, there are two main types of eyelash extensions that clients choose from: Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes.

A Classic Lash Set is a more traditional, mascara look. Each set of Classic Lash Extensions are a 1:1 bond. This means that 1 eyelash extension is placed over each natural lash that a client has, effectively doubling the volume of the client’s lashes. Classic eyelashes are recommended for clients who have naturally healthy and long lashes who are desiring a longer, darker lash.

Wisp Lashes also offers the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension. Handcrafted fans of 2-5 eyelash extensions are made by the lash artist and applied to each natural lash. Just like with Classic Lashes, the artist keeps in mind the client’s eye shape, face structure, and position of their cheekbone when mapping a volume lash set. Each fan is made of 2-5 separate eyelashes, giving a fuller and voluminous lash line.

The effect of the volume lash fan also adds a softer, fluffier effect than a Classic’s Set’s mascara effect. Volume lashes are ideal for various clients including clients who have naturally thin, short, missing or sparse eyelashes. The volume fans create a “bridge” over the missing lash spots, building density and continuity of the lash line. Volume Eyelash Extensions are also ideal for clients desiring a fuller, more strip-lash look, regardless of their natural lash state.

Wisp Lashes is part of a revolutionary movement in the new fashion trend among women who love to flaunt a natural, flawless and makeup-less look. Complementing the shape and style of their natural eyelashes, the extensions work like magic giving a deeper and fuller lash curve over your eyes. Our teams of Professional Artists make keeping up with your eyelash extensions a breeze: simply schedule regular Fill appointments every 2-3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions full and healthy!

Wisp Lashes lash artists are specifically trained in the art of eyelash extensions. With a customized consultation and excellent service packages, you can get the mesmerizing look you had been longing for.

So, what are you waiting for? Wake up beautiful! Book an appointment instantly with Wisp Lashes and get your long-awaited makeover done. 

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