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Customized eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty

Whether you’re looking to add just a little extra length to your lashes, looking for a whole new look, eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural beauty.

At Wisp Lashes, our synthetic mink eyelash extensions provide added glamour while maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes. Our highly trained eyelash extension artists take your natural lash shape and length, along with your lash goals, into account while creating the completely customized eyelash extension experience.

Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes


Satisfying your wishes is one of our highest priorities, which is why at Wisp Lashes we offer multiple Eyelash Extension Sets with varying degrees of lengths, fullness, and overall style. Many clients are looking for maximum fullness, drama, and volume so a Volume Lash Set is perfect for them. Many clients simply want added length and darkness, with an overall mascara look, our Classic Lash Set works perfectly for that. Whatever your wish, our goal is to make your lash dreams a reality.

The difference between Classic Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Extensions are the lash fans utilized in Volume Lashes.

A Classic Lash Set is a 1:1 ratio of natural eyelashes and eyelashes extensions. This means the eyelash extension artists adheres 1 Classic Lash Extension to each healthy natural lash. Classic Lashes are the traditional eyelash extension technique.

Who benefits from Classic Lashes?

Clients with overall healthy and full lashes looking for added length and volume. Clients looking for a less dramatic, more natural extension look.


A Volume Lash Extension

(sometimes called Russian Volume) is composed of handmade extensions fans, each handmade specifically for you, adhered to one natural lash. Each fan is comprised of 3-5 eyelash extensions. The result is a fuller, fluffier, more drama-filled lash look compared to Classic.

Who benefits from Volume Lashes?

Clients with short, missing, or sparse lashes find that Volume Lashes give them the fullness that is naturally missing from their lashes. Clients desiring a dramatic or overall noticeable eyelash extension look.

A Classic Lash Set is typically made up of eyelash extensions between .10mm and .15mm. The Extensions used to create the fans for a Volume Lash Set range between .03mm and .05mm. This means that most individual Volume Lash fan is finer than 1 Classic Lash extension.

A Classic Lash set creates an overall mascara look, with thicker, longer individual lashes. A Volume Lash Set creates a fuller and fluffier look, while helping fill in any gaps in natural lashes. Those clients with finer or sparse natural lashes, and looking for a fuller look, should consider a Volume Lash Set.

Each type of individual Eyelash Extensions provided by Wisp Lashes are adhered to a client’s natural lashes. Therefore, we are only able to apply extensions when natural lashes exist. The more natural lashes an individual has, the fuller and thicker the eyelash extensions will be. By extension, the longer a client’s natural lashes are, the longer the extension we can apply.

Our Eyelash Extension artists are expertly trained as Classic and Volume Extension artists