To most people, the terms “Classic” or “Volume” lashes may be a foreign language. One of the most common questions we hear as lash artists is “Should I get classic or volume lashes”. Here we’ll explain the differences between the two sets and who would benefit from which set.

Classic Lashes

Classic lash sets are the signature lash extension look that is applied as individual lashes. The individual lash look is attaching one lash extension to one natural eyelash. The classic lashes enhance the natural lashes with a darker lash line and added length and volume. We recommend the classic lash set for any women who like a more natural makeup look. The classic lashes are also a good way to start off with if you’re a bit unsure of the whole lash extension idea. Classic lashes are also great for clients who already have long and strong natural lashes.

Volume Lashes

Volume lash sets are a more dramatic in appearance and can be easily noticed by a layperson. Volume lashes are handmade fans made out of 2-6 eyelash extensions. The fans give a fluffier, softer look on the ends of the lashes. The fans also wrap around the base of the natural lashes so the lash line is darker and retention is typically better than with classic lashes.

Volume lashes are in high demand and especially great for special events such as proms, weddings, and other big events. We recommend the volume lashes for women who like to do a full glam makeup look. If you already wear fake eyelashes that are applied with glue, you will likely be most satisfied with our Volume Lashes. However, volume eyelash extensions aren’t just for Glammy Girls: ladies who have short or thinning lashes benefit from the extra depth and texture of volume fans.

All eyelash extension sets at Wisp Lashes are uniquely designed to complement your natural eye and brow shape. This means that no two sets of eyelash extensions will ever be exactly alike. Many of our clients rotate between Classic and Volume lashes depending on what is going on in their lives and what kind of look they are going for. The great thing about being a Wisp client is that we can transition you through all the different types of lashes through regular fills with no need to purchase another full set!

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