Lash lifts elevate your natural beauty

Lash Lifts are a great alternative to Eyelash Extensions. Lash Lifts add curl and height to natural lashes!

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Eyelash extension alternative

Lash Lifts offer a natural alternative to Eyelash Extensions. A Lash Lift lifts the base of the natural lash to provide the client with enhanced height and length to the natural lash. Natural Lashes are wrapped around a lash rod that also adds curl, much like a traditional eyelash curler, without the need to do anything every morning!


Who benefits from lash lifts?

Lash Lifts can benefit anyone looking for more curl and length from their natural lashes. Lash Lifts temporarily perm your natural eyelashes, resulting in a curled and lifted lash line. There is very little after care or maintenance required with a Lash Lift. Add on a Lash Tint with your Lash Lift and ditch the mascara for the next 4-6 weeks!

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Lash lift service

Wisp Lash Artists are fully trained in the art of Lash Lifts! Each client receives a customized lash lift experience based on their natural lashes. Lash Lift results last up to 6 weeks! Add on a Lash Tint to realize the full enhancement and ditch mascara completely!

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