Pump up the drama with volume eyelash extension

Volume lashes bring added life and drama to your lashes! Our handmade volume fans are custom designed with your natural lashes in mind.

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What are volume lashes?

Volume lashes are comprised of handmade volume fans made exclusively for your lashes during your appointment. Each volume fan has between 2-6 lashes depending on your natural lashes and desired look.

Wisp Lashes is different than other lash companies in that we lash EVERY SINGLE healthy and viable natural lash that you have. This means that with a Volume Eyelash Set, your lash volume will increase by 200-600%. That’s a lot of volume!


A customized experience

Every Volume Lash appointment at Wisp Lash Lounge results in a completely custom eyelash extension set. Wisp lash artists create handmade fans comprised of 2-6 fans for each of your natural lashes. They choose design, length, and diameter based on the health and length of your natural lashes. Because each client’s natural lash strength and shape are completely unique, no 2 volume lash sets will ever be the same either.

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Who benefits from volume lashes?

There are two sets of clients who benefit the most from Volume Lashes. The first type are ladies who wants LOTS of drama with their lashes. Ladies who have naturally long and healthy lashes but want an added ounce of drama will love Volume Lashes. Volume Eyelash Extensions create a darker, more strip lash look than Classic Lashes.

The second type of client who benefits the most from Volume Lashes are clients with thinning or damaged lashes. Artists are able to create a more full and balanced look, while filling in any natural gaps, with volume fans.

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Volume lash appointments

Setting an appointment for a Volume Lash Set or Volume Fill with Wisp Lashes is the beginning of a lifelong eyelash extension affair. Please allow 3 hours for a full Volume set and 1.5 hours for each fill! Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance for a new client and 5 minutes in advance of appointment times for fills. You will be provided lash cleaner and wands to wash your lashes at the beginning of each appointments. Experience the difference at Wisp Lashes.

Wisp Lashes is an exclusive eyelash extension studio, focusing on the health and integrity of your lashes first and foremost. Our lash artists are highly trained and ready to create a custom eyelash extension set to fulfill all of your lash goals!

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