Wisp Lashes is a woman founded and woman owned individual eyelash extension salon concept! Our goal is to provide each client with a high-end, customized eyelash extension experience. Our water-resistant, individual eyelash extensions are applied by trained eyelash extension artists to enhance the natural beauty of each of client. During the initial consultation, the eyelash extension artist will ask questions of the client to ensure that their desired results are understood and achieved. Artists take into account both the health of the client’s natural lashes and their lash goals to determine the perfect mapping for each client. During a full set or fill appointment, every healthy natural lash will receive an eyelash extension – this achieves the fullest and most voluminous result possible for each client. Our premium synthetic mink eyelash extensions ensure that women of all activity levels can enjoy the experience of eyelash extensions. Whether you’re a stay at home mom looking for an easier makeup routine, an on the go yoga instructor, or a lady in the board room, our eyelash extensions can provide the extra level of glamour you’re looking for.

We are passionate about enhancing the natural beauty of our clients! We can’t wait to lash you.


We are dedicated to providing the most luxurious eyelash extension experience.

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The Wisp Difference

Why Choose Us?

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Customer Services

Wisp Lashes prides ourselves on providing our clients with a high-end, professional experience during each lash session. Our eyelash extension artists are trained with our clients in mind. They are each trained to provide beautiful eyelash extensions while maintaining the health and integrity of each client’s natural lashes.

Safety & Sanitation

Safety and Sanitation are top priorities at Wisp Lashes. Our salon managers ensure that all state and local requirements are met and that the salon is maintained above standards at all time. We pride ourselves on offering not only a luxurious eyelash extension experience, but a safe one!

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Each client receives a completely custom and individualized eyelash extension experience at Wisp Lashes. During the initial client consultation, our eyelash extension artists will discuss the desired look of the client before beginning the Full Set. With the client’s input, the artist will design a custom template meant to enhance the natural shape and beauty of the client’s natural lashes. We believe in full lashes so we offer UNLIMITED lash count during each service – this means that every natural lash will receive an individual eyelash extension or volume fan. This ensures our clients never leave us with anything less than FULL lashes.


Customer satisfaction is imperative to Wisp Lashes. We are committed to meeting – and exceeding – the expectations of our clients. We strive to present a beautiful and clean eyelash extension salon, provide each client with beautiful eyelash extensions they love, and employ highly qualified and passionate eyelash extension artists.

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What our client says

Amanda N.

I saw Donielle and she was amazing!

This was my first time getting eyelash extensions and she took her time explaining the entire process to me. I LOVE my lashes and I love that the after care information was I given to me ahead of time. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

Bobbie A.

I LOVE my lashes!!!

I have been a faithful Wisp client since they opened and I cannot imagine going anywhere else! They do an amazing job, the location is super cute and clean, and the staff is great!

Lauren S

You MUST get eyelash extensions!

One hundred percent recommend! My lashes look beautiful after the gym, after swimming, etc. And the ladies are so sweet! You need Wisp lashes!