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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions

Wisp Lashes suggest that hybrid eyelash extensions are the perfect mix of classic and volume lashes, making them the best of both worlds.

Applying Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions

Applying Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions

Do you want volumized lashes that make your eyes appear bigger and brighter? Then, lash extensions may be an excellent option for you! serums can also be a great way to achieve luscious lashes. They are similar to lash extensions in that they both improve the overall look of your lashes by creating more length […]

classic vs volume

Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes – Choosing The Right Style For You

To most people, the terms “Classic” or “Volume” lashes may be a foreign language. One of the most common questions we hear as lash artists is “Should I get classic or volume lashes”. Here we’ll explain the differences between the two sets and who would benefit from which set. Classic Lashes Classic lash sets are […]