In recent years, hybrid lash extensions – a flexible and attractive alternative, have transformed the cosmetic business by combining the best of classic and volume lash procedures. These hybrid extension lashes achieve a gorgeous, natural, but voluminous appearance, appealing to those who desire a more textured, multidimensional look.

The term “hybrid lashes” has become one of the most sought-after lash looks. Lash technicians across the globe have been tasked with creating beautiful, wispy lashes inspired by celebrities like the Kardashians. It’s easy to see why – hybrid eyelash extensions offer a blend of natural and fuller-looking lash sets, mixing classic and volume lash techniques to achieve the dreamiest, fluffiest results.

Wisp Lashes is here to provide you with a detailed guide on hybrid lashes. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about hybrid eyelash extensions.

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Bolder than classic lashes and less dramatic than volume lashes –  hybrid lash extensions offer a customizable and versatile look. They sit somewhere in the middle by combining classic and volume lash techniques and provide a lash style that’s not too subtle or too dense.

Hybrid eyelash extensions give you a less tailored and more free-form appearance. Lash technicians are trained to personalize their art to achieve beautiful depth and volume by attaching two to eight glued lash extensions to a single natural lash, creating handmade fans.

Truly, hybrid lash set – a mixture of classic lashes and handmade volume lash fans is ideal for clients who want added fluff but not the entire volume look – the best of both worlds. Whether a lash wearer or not, if you want to personalize your look that’s uniquely YOU, give hybrid lash extensions a try.

Classic Vs. Volume Vs. Hybrid Lashes: Which is better?


We’ve noticed that clients often get confused when choosing between classic, hybrid, or volume lashes. Worry not as we’re here with an impartial advice!

Hybrid lashes are a great option if you have naturally thin lashes. They fill up the sparse sections of your lash line, giving your lashes a textured and gentle appearance.

If you prefer a subtle and natural enhancement, classic eyelash extensions are perfect for you. They focus more on adding length rather than volume, giving your lashes a subtle oomph. Classic lashes work wonders, especially if you have sparse natural lashes and want that effortless beauty.

Now, if you’re feeling bold and want to carry the glitz and glam, volume lashes are the answer. These lashes consist of thin extensions that create a dramatic and fluffy look unique to your natural lashes. So, if you’re feeling daring to carry the glitz and glam, you may wish to go for volume eyelash extensions!

Hybrid lashes offer the best of both – they give you a natural, mascara-like effect while also providing a glimpse of voluminous lashes. This creates a balanced and full appearance, perfect for those who want a natural yet fluffy look.

Remember, the choice of professional eyelash extensions ultimately depends on your own objectives and preferences. Our lash artist will be there to guide you on the hybrid lashes styles and help you make the right decision based on what look you want to achieve.

Top Benefits of Getting Hybrid Eyelash Extensions:

Hybrid eyelash extensions offer a distinctive and beautiful look that sets them apart from other lash styles. Here are two key benefits that make hybrid lashes truly special:

The Excellent Balance: 

Hybrid lashes strike the ideal balance between subtlety and drama. Combining traditional extensions with meticulously placed volume lashes provides a natural lift and length while adding fullness and depth to the set. The result is a unique style that beautifully enhances the natural attractiveness of the eyes.

Versatility and Customization: 

One of the standout advantages of hybrid extension lashes is their versatility. The placement of classic and volume lashes can be tailored to suit each individual’s eye shape, natural lashes, and desired effect. This customization ensures a personalized and one-of-a-kind lash enhancement experience, allowing for a look that perfectly complements the features of each client.

The Application Technique Used for Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

The Application Technique Used for Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

The talented lash artist at Wisp Lashes knows the importance of precision and creativity when applying hybrid eyelash extensions. It takes a little more time and skill than other lash styles, but the results are worth it! But not to just take our word for it, check out the hybrid lashes before and after picture of our satisfied client and witness the transformative power of hybrid lash extensions.

Step 1: Mapping, Isolation and Use of Handmade Fans

Before applying the handmade fans, our lash artists take the time to map out the lash line. This step involves analyzing the natural lashes and determining the best placement for the handmade fans. By hybrid lashes mapping, we ensure the extensions are strategically placed to achieve the desired look.

Once the hybrid lash extension mapping is complete, we proceed with isolating each individual eyelash. This meticulous process allows us to work on one lash at a time, ensuring precision and attention to detail. 

We delicately place two handmade volume fans on separate lashes, carefully considering the mapping and desired effect. Then, a single classic lash extension is applied on each side of the fans, creating a beautiful and seamless blend. The process is repeated patiently until beautiful hybrid full set lashes are  created.

Step 2: Customization and Ratio

One of the great things about hybrid lashes is that they offer flexibility and customization. While the typical ratio is 70 percent volume eyelash extensions and 30 percent classic eyelash extensions, it is not necessary to stick to rigid rules. 

We adjust the ratio to achieve the perfect blend of drama and natural effects. If you have sparse lashes, we might use a 60 percent volume lash extension and 40 percent classic eyelash extension ratio to give you the best results.

Step 3: Strategic Application

The position of the hybrid lashes is crucial for achieving the desired look. We follow the rule of isolating each eyelash before attaching extensions, just like classic and volume lash extensions. 

Our lash artists place two handmade fans on two separate isolated lashes and then apply a single lash extension on either side of the fans. This meticulous process is repeated until all your lashes are beautifully covered, giving you a seamless and cohesive appearance.

Step 4: Drying Time and Glue Caution

We understand the importance of proper glue drying time. Rushing through the eyelash extensions application process can lead to glue not drying evenly, affecting the overall lash look. That’s why we take our time and work strategically. We start by isolating a lash in the inner corner, then move to the middle section, and finally, the outer corner. 

This allows sufficient time for the glue to dry evenly. Another technique we use is isolating one lash on the right eye and then one on the left eye, ensuring that both eyes have equal lashes for a balanced and beautiful look.

By following these steps and giving your lashes the care and attention they deserve, our lash artists create gorgeous hybrid lash extensions that enhance the natural beauty of your lashes. You will surely be amazed by lashes that perfectly blend drama and natural appeal!

Hybrid Lash Extensions Aftercare:

Clients often ask: “How long do hybrid lash extensions last?” The amazing thing about a hybrid set lashes is that it can last just as long as classic or volume lash extensions if properly applied and maintained. 

Here’s what you need to know about aftercare for your hybrid lashes:

Following these aftercare tips recommended by our talented lash artists can improve lash retention and ensure that your hybrid lashes stay beautiful and long-lasting.

Remember, proper aftercare is a MUST for maintaining the health and longevity of your lashes.

Book a Hybrid Lash Set of your Dreams Today!

Do you want lashes that make you feel like a movie star? Then book your very own hybrid lash set appointment! Whether you are new to classic or volume lashes or simply want a customized look, hybrid lashes are the perfect choice. 

Plus, pricing them between classic and volume lashes means boosting your income while giving your clients a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to mascara and falsies.

So, if you are searching for hybrid lash extensions near me, come visit us at Wisp Lashes. Our lash artists will answer all your questions and provide an amazing lashing experience in our luxurious salon.

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