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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions

In recent years, hybrid lash extensions – a flexible and attractive alternative, have transformed the cosmetic business by combining the best of classic and volume lash procedures. These hybrid extension lashes achieve a gorgeous, natural, but voluminous appearance, appealing to those who desire a more textured, multidimensional look. The term “hybrid lashes” has become one […]


5 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful and convenient way to enhance your natural beauty and decrease the your daily beauty routine. When asked why they get eyelash extensions, Wisp Lashes clients cite a wide array of benefits. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits mentioned! Benefit 1:  Self Confidence Boost Many, many Wisp Lashes clients […]

classic vs volume

Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes – Choosing The Right Style For You

To most people, the terms “Classic” or “Volume” lashes may be a foreign language. One of the most common questions we hear as lash artists is “Should I get classic or volume lashes”. Here we’ll explain the differences between the two sets and who would benefit from which set. Classic Lashes Classic lash sets are […]