Tips on Eyebrow Shaping: Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lockdown

Tips on Eyebrow Shaping_ Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lock down

With the recent COVID -19 global pandemic that has plagued the world, most countries around the globe are in a lockdown where life has almost come to a standstill. Like other services women are unable to enjoy their luxury beauty treatments at beauty parlors and salons making them feel like a damsel in distress sometimes causing anxiety and often leading to low self-esteem. Several beauty treatments can be done with great ease without expert help; however, when it comes to women woes that make them cringe each time they glance at their bushy outgrown eyebrows, many believe that they will have to wait till the lockdown is eased to pop at salons for their Eyebrow Shaping appointments with their beauty professionals.

Well! Leave those worries aside as we are here to provide you with some easy techniques that will uplift your spirits, letting you face the virtual world on chats or meetings with optimum confidence along with a well-groomed eyebrow as this is an extremely important facial feature that highlights your eyes and eyelashes.

So let’s begin our journey to maintain those bushy eyebrows with all that we have from the comfort of our homes.

Our Simple 5 strategy plan to get you the right shape:

1) Use Dual mirrors 

eyebrow shaping
  • Your dressing table mirror might not suffice alone in this scenario. You would need a magnifying mirror to check out the minute hair when tweezing, but to take a precise look at the larger picture a big mirror is highly recommended so that you do not over pluck making your eyebrows look wonky.

2) Tweeze few strands only  

  • Over tweezing is a strict no-no as it may affect your hair growth in the future. 
  • Some experts suggest that you must leave your brow untouched, apply castor oil to experience fuller and thicker brows and then pluck the stray hairs all at once when they have sufficiently grown, while others recommend that daily plucking a few strands would assist is adhering to the shape and ease the painful experience.
  • It is also advisable to take a hot shower or place a hot compress before you commence the procedure to soften the skin opening up the pores thus making hair removal painless. 
  • A sharp pair of tweezers is a must, making sure that you pull out only one hair in the direction of hair growth. The skin must be pulled tightly to ensure easy latching of tweezers to the hair decreasing any discomfort.

3) Stick to your natural brow shape  

  • To mark your natural brow shape start by placing a pencil at the inner corner of your left nostril facing towards the forehead: this is your starting point. 
  • Keeping the pencil in the same line of direction, move it past the eyelids to the other corner of the eye: this is your endpoint. 
  • The brow bulge or arch can be determined by placing the same pencil at a 45 degree from the nostril. Try to focus only on the rouge hair around the eyelid and under the brow bone.

4) Trimming for a final touch

  • Trimming any hair beyond the shape of the brow after the tweezing will let you regain the perfect look. 
  • You will need a sharp pair of scissors and a spoolie brush to brush all the hair up. Anything that stands beyond the shape of your brow is what you trim. 
  • But be a tad be careful as you must be patient and do it slowly to avoid a disastrous eyebrow grooming session.

5) Eyebrow Waxing

  • This is a great option to get rid of the minute hair easily than tweezing or threading. In addition to this, it leaves the skin looking softer and smoother due to the exfoliating properties of wax. 
  • Though this is recommended under strict professional supervision, if you have the guts you can give it a try. 
bushy eyebrows
  • Wax must be primarily tested on the hand first before applying it to the brow to check the temperature. 
  • Only the unwanted bulk hair surrounding the main brow should be waxed, keeping the brow shape intact. 
  • A perfect shape can be achieved later by tweezing the extra unwanted hair. Tightly hold the skin before pulling the strip to prevent skin lifting and hurting.

Is Eyebrow tinting safe? 

A question that perturbs most ladies during this time.

  • This is something which is purely an expert arena, thus one should avoid trying this at home.
  • This phase is not going to last forever, and it is not worth experimenting at this time as no expert advice would be possible if something goes wrong.

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