Get ‘Eyebrows To Kill For’ With These Eyebrow-Shaping Techniques

Eyebrows give your face the beauty that flowers give to a bush. Well maintained and groomed eyebrows dramatically affect the look making you more gorgeous even without any makeup. 

But the catch is that a great pair of brows come with expertise, patience, and learned techniques, without the hurry to make it something in one go. If you have Frida Kahlo-like unibrow and from there you want to transit to Kylie Jenner-like, then the journey is quite filled with a heavy need for skills. Here’s how you can get ‘eyebrows to kill for.’

Best Eyebrow Shaping Methods

1. Tweezing

In case your eyebrows tend to grow fast, you’d love to tweeze them out using a pair of tweezers. Tweezers help pluck the hairs from the root and prevent them from growing back fast. For most effective and painless application, stretch your eyebrows and pluck in the direction of the hair growth. Avoid over-plucking.

2. Threading

One of the simplest, yet surprisingly effective ways of getting of unruly eyebrows is threading, though it is often winced by many women. However, it can be ridiculously simple and painless if done correctly. Approach a professional for best results and always use a cotton thread.

3. Waxing

This method although it gives clean and sharp results and lasts long can be a bit painful and messy at times. Make sure to read the guide before approaching, if done at home. 

For Over-Tweezed Eyebrows: Shaping Method

Women can never deny the self-proclaimed experts they become the moment a magnifying mirror, and a pair of tweezers is in their hands. This, time and again lead to botched brows that become a pain in the brow (get the pun). But there is nothing to fear since with expert tips you’ll be able to go through the pains of looking half-done while your brows grow peacefully. 

Get That Tweezers Out of reach First! 

  • New York City brow groomer Ramy Gafni speaking to the beauty media outlet Allure says the first week of growing the over-tweezed hairs back is the hardest. It is highly suggested to leave the stray hairs untouched since those hairs will eventually grow and become full eyebrow hairs with time.
  • Usually, it takes quite a lot of time if the brow has been removed significantly, according to makeup artist Maribeth Madron. She suggests avoiding any cases that might lead you to try to bring your eyebrow in a shape, like avoiding calling the salon, and not being able to reach the tweezers.

You Might Fill In with Makeup

  • If your brows are more or less in good shape with some blank spots here and there, you can fill them up using makeup like using an eyebrow pencil, and powders. Using makeup products like different pencils, fillers and powders and waxes can help greatly with the needful coverage.
  • However, on the occasion you’re having more than just light bare patches, the pencil won’t do. In that case, you’ve got to use wax/ powder products or similar high-coverage stuff. As of color experts suggests applying color two shades lighter than your hair color if you’re brunette and trying taupe if you’re blonde. 

While coloring the empty patches:

  • Staying within the natural brow line.
  • Using short angled strokes in the direction of hair growth.
  • And never creating an arch with makeup.

Taming Too Full Eyebrows: Method

  • When you’ve eyebrows too thick and full, it requires grooming, or else it might overwhelm your looks. ‘Shape’ and ‘separation’ are important according to Allure.
  • In case you’ve fuller eyebrows, and hair starts to verge in the unibrow territory, it’s time to pluck them off. Getting the right divide is very important.
  • To do so, you might hold a pencil vertically from the outer edge of your nostrils till your eyebrows. This will help you determine where your brow will start.
  • The next step will be to comb your eyebrows and identifying and trimming the longest hairs. While Eyebrow shaping people must be mindful about removing too much in the ends. With age, eyebrows tend to fall off the edges, thereby over-plucking the ends make a person look aged. Experts suggest defining the arch by removing a few hairs beneath it. 

When Everything Fails! 

Here are a few expert tips you might apply when your eyebrows are out of any effort to save. Along with a patient and long wait, these tricks and tips will help you feel good and confidant. 

  • Try shifting the attention as much as possible
  • Get a new hair cut that makes you look different
  • Wear statement lips or anything that shifts attention from brows
  • Avoid wearing winged eyeliner like a liquid liner with strong edges.

So guys the above tips can most definitely help you get the shape of your eyebrows sorted. And of course as the saying goes practice makes you perfect so try not to hurry and be very cautious whenever you’re plucking since over-plucking does the maximum damage. And lastly, if you are not too confident about trying your hands and messing up your eyebrows simply leave it to the experts. Our eyebrow artists at wisp lashes are experts with Eyebrow shaping technique to give that killer look you so very desirable. So make an appointment now and we will be happy to help.

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