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Tips on Eyebrow Shaping_ Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lock down.

Tips on Eyebrow Shaping: Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lockdown

With the recent COVID -19 global pandemic that has plagued the world, most countries around the globe are in a lockdown where life has almost come to a standstill. Like other services women are unable to enjoy their luxury beauty treatments at beauty parlors and salons making them feel like a damsel in distress sometimes […]

Eyelash Extensions Facts, Cost and Risks

Eyelash Extensions Facts, Cost and Risks – How Long Do Lash Extensions Last

Are you contemplating about getting eyelash extensions? Well then, before you schedule your appointment, you should know everything there is to know about the eyelash extensions. A lot of us have been thinking about getting some perfect Eyelash Extensions that would save us valuable time on getting ready and keeps us looking gorgeous even when […]


Tips for Applying Eye Makeup Without Ruining your Lash Extensions

Your brand new Eyelash Extensions are looking beautiful and lush, right? That’s great! But are you freaking out when it comes to applying your makeup, and the myths that it will ruin your eyelash extension, are making you super anxious? It might be time for the right dose of information and guidance for you. Whereas […]


10 Coolest Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019

With Halloween around the corner, have you decided what your Halloween costume is going to be? If not, don’t worry. Sometimes, Halloween can be a stressful season to think, create and dress up as someone else. Some get bored of the idea of dressing up for Halloween and may even end up wearing the same […]


5 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful and convenient way to enhance your natural beauty and decrease the your daily beauty routine. When asked why they get eyelash extensions, Wisp Lashes clients cite a wide array of benefits. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits mentioned! Benefit 1:  Self Confidence Boost Many, many Wisp Lashes clients […]


5 Makeup Essentials To Complete Your Summer Look

Summer is approaching quickly. That means that light hair, tanned skin, and light makeup are just around the corner! Here’s a few of our favorite summertime makeup hacks! Tinted Moisturizer! With a tinted moisturizer, you can keep your skin looking fresh and natural while also smoothing out any small imperfections. Most tinted moisturizers are great […]