Have you ever thought about why we always desire to have long eyelashes? Why do some famous paintings of women depict that eyelashes are something that enhances the beauty of your face? 

Generally,we use eyeliners and mascaras to highlight them. And above all, we are very fond of getting Eyelash Extensions to make those eyelashes look prettier than ever. 

So why do we pay so much attention to this tiny little part of our face? Well, here at Wisp lashes, we have helped thousands of women with eyelash extensions and here’s the reason why all of us love those long dark lashes!

They make your eyes look bigger:

eyelashes extensions

They make you look young: 

They are extremely catchy: 

They make you feel confident:

Long eyelashes

These were just some of the reasons why long eyelashes make you look attractive and catch the attention of people. You may be surprised to know that your eyelashes also say a lot about a woman’s fertility, this may seem odd but not totally wrong. The excess shedding of your eyelashes indicates an autoimmune disorder and such disorders have an extremely detrimental effect on your fertility.


So to bring it all in a nutshell the Eyelashes are considered to be the most effective feminine facial feature, So much so, that even cartoon characters of opposite genders like Mickey and Mini Mouse have only one different facial feature, and that is eyelashes. Again, what is the difference between Bugs and Lola Bunny? The lashes! Technically, long lashes are not a lady-only thing, but over the course of time, we have been conditioned to believe so. Poems have been written on them, and the description of women in novels has always included their eyelashes! So why not pay attention to this little but important feature of your face and try out eyelash extensions to make your pretty self look even prettier?