Being in a rush is no fun, especially when you’re a woman. Finding the time to do a full face of makeup is harder each day. That’s why we have simplified it for you. These makeup tips will have you out of the door in under 15 minutes.

Makeup Tip #1

Makeup Tip #2

Add some color to your skin! Add some blush and bronzer to give your skin a more awakened look. Using Milani Rose Powder Blush lightly on the apples of your cheeks and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer on the hallows of your face. Both products are lightweight and easy to blend onto the skin! Bronzer will give a little warmth to your skin while still making you look natural.

Makeup Tip #3

Use your bronzer as eyeshadow! While you already have your bronzer out, simply grab a makeup brush and dip lightly into the bronzer, dusting off excess product and then applying a thin layer onto the lid. By dusting off the excess product, you don’t get that awful fallout and you won’t have to spend the extra time dusting it off. The bronzer will give you some more depth on your eyes, while keeping that natural goddess look going.

Makeup Tip #4

Skip the eyeliner and mascara! Having individual eyelash extensions saves you SO much time in the mornings, it’s insane. Thinking back to the times when I had to apply 30 layers of mascara for my eyes to stand out gives me nightmares! Having eyelash extensions means your eyes will always look fully opened and you will look wide awake without all the hassle!

Makeup Tip #5

Use a small angled makeup brush to apply powder to the eyebrows and give them more definition. We suggest using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo! This makeup product has two different shades and blends perfectly into your natural eyebrows. For the makeup brush we would suggest using the Eyebrow Brush by Kjaer Weis because it is double ended. One side is your applicator and the other side is a spoolie to brush through your brow hairs quickly.

Makeup Tip #6

This tip is optional, but if you’re going to a business meeting or somewhere that you need to look really put together, throw in a pop of color! By adding a red or bright pink lip, you can change your look into a more “ready for anything” or “boss babe” type of look. Add instant sassiness to any look by adding a red lip!

Now you’ll be ready to take on the day while looking feminine and fierce!