With pumpkin season on its way out and winter almost on the horizon, the holiday atmosphere is almost here.  Many of us may be busy getting our home holiday-ready or planning for other festivities. However, before you get engrossed in finishing your holiday checklist, it’s not fair to forget about that extra special someone – you! 

Who doesn’t want to look their best during the holidays? To impress everyone with the most dazzling look you can muster, turn to lash extensions this holiday. This strategy is sure to make you feel like you can accomplish any feat and make you shine through all the celebrations ahead.  

So whether you’re aiming for glitz and glam, or want a subtle and sophisticated look, make eyelash extensions from Wisp Lashes a critical part of your holiday plan.

Eyes Speak Volumes

Eyes Speak Volumes

The reason why most women are obsessed with their eyes is that they are the centerpiece of their appearance. They believe that beauty begins at the eye as they have the power to draw all the attention.  Bright and beautiful eyes, perfectly-managed brows, and accentuated eyelashes are a surefire way to make you look younger, and stand out from the crowd.

Perfectly curled eyelash extensions will enhance the brightness of your eyes without having to use any mascara or a curler. Your dazzling eyelashes will give you the dramatic and show-stopping look that you deserve, giving you a renewed sense of confidence that will add to your personality.

Completely Convenient

Completely Convenient

Vacations are a time to rejuvenate and relax, letting go of all the unwanted stress. When in a party or travel mood, the last thing you would want to be concerned about is your make-up. What better way than eyelash extensions to simplify your make-up routine? The best part about the beauty treatment is that you will be photo-ready at all times!

Another holiday goal is to spend as much time as possible with family and friends, doing things you love the most, rather than posing in front of a mirror for hours doing your make-up. With all of the parties and events to attend around the clock, who would want to spend time applying, removing, and reapplying eyeliner or mascara? 

Eyelash extensions are the way to go for beauty aficionados as it cuts down on your total beauty regime by doing away with the need for extra eye-elevating items like mascara, falsies, curlers, and eyeliner. 

Less Luggage

Less Luggage

When you are donning celebrity-worthy, picture-perfect eyelashes, your daily makeup routine might be as effortless as a quick concealer touch-up and a dash of your favorite lip color. Since you won’t need to rework your mesmerizing eyes, you can toss out the bulky makeup bag containing lash curlers, mascaras, cotton swabs, liners, or eye makeup remover as you won’t be needing any of them on your next vacation. The best part? Your holiday-ready lash extensions will last for several weeks if they have been applied using the right techniques and high-quality materials.

Endless Options

Holiday-Ready Lash Extensions

Traditionally, false lashes are quite bulky and difficult to apply, adding a lot of discomfort while you wear them all day long. Lash extensions do not go by the one-size-fits-all mantra as there are so many styles for you to pick from. Our skilled lash artist from Wisp Lashes in Knoxville TN can assist you in determining the ideal material, style, and length during your consultation appointment to get you the lashes of your dreams.

Your lash technician may suggest the classic lash extension look for you if you have naturally long and healthy eyelashes. With holiday-ready lash extensions, you can ditch the mascara for a longer, thicker eyelash experience. The final call is based on your natural lashes, eye shape, and the final lash look you desire. Volume lashes are the best bet for those clients who wish to add more volume and drama to their natural lashes. They are also ideal for clients who have thin or damaged lashes and desire a more balanced overall look.

Care for Your Lashes

Holiday-Ready Lash Extensions

Like all good things, your eyelash extensions demand a little of your time and care. By following our basic lash care tips, you can help them stay picture-perfect throughout the holiday. The first tip is to avoid water for at least 24 hours after you have visited our lash extensions Knoxville TN salon. This means no swimming, bathing, hot tub, steam room, or sauna for the first 24 hours to ensure that the glue has sufficient time to cure, increasing your lash retention. If you don’t want to spend time away from the pool or beach, book your lash appointment at least 2-3 days before your trip.

Any product that you use, especially around the eye area, should be oil-free to maximize lash retention. Oil tends to affect the adhesive strength, causing your coveted lashes to fall out prematurely. Cleaning them every day with a lash-safe cleanser will help to keep away the dirt and debris from collecting on your beauty. 

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Additional Tips From Our Lash Experts


Whether you want to snap celebrity-level selfies this holiday season or add the wow factor when you get holiday-ready lash extensions may be the perfect fit for you. If you want to give yourself something special this holiday, book an appointment with Wisp Lashes today. We promise to give you an incredible lash look at an affordable price.