It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you plan to spend some time alone or hang out with your friends and family, you deserve to feel your best. Eyelashes extensions are a fabulous option for those who wish to flaunt voluminous lashes 24/7 with little to no effort.

They add the “wow” factor to your eyes, which really helps if you’re looking to make a statement. Whether you choose classic, hybrid, or volume eyelash extensions, they are sure to give you the stunning look you’re going for. So, if you want a show-stopping look this holiday season, book your appointment at Wisp Lashes today!

What Customized Lash Look Should You Choose?

1. Classic Lash Extensions

If you are looking for a striking look that is not overdone, our classic eyelash extensions may be an excellent option for you! They have a natural look that will give you a noticeable transformation. For each natural eyelash, a single extension is attached. Your professional lash technician will attach extensions to every healthy and viable eyelash during each refill session to double your lash volume. To meet the client’s lash goals, lash artists must consider their natural lash strength, length, shape, and density.

Classic Lash Extensions

To create a mesmerizing, classic set eyelash extension for each client, lash artists create a customized lash map based on the client’s natural lashes, eye shape, and preferable lash look. As a result, each eyelash extension set is unique as every client has a different eye shape, natural lashes, and a different desired look.

Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for clients who are looking to ditch their everyday mascara for fuller and longer lashes. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website to book your lash appointment today!  

2. Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are the perfect combination of classic and volume lashes. They are made of 30% classic lashes, and 70% volume lashes for those who wish to add a bit more drama than the classic eyelash extensions but are not fully prepared for volume lashes. While classic lashes are applied on a 1:1 ratio, the volume for hybrid lashes may vary from 1:2 to 1:10 ratio.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Our hybrid lash extensions are perfect for anyone with regular or slightly sparse lashes. In contrast, volume lashes can be strategically placed in areas with gaps to make the lash line look denser. Hybrid lashes help to create a full lash line, adding fluff and texture to your coveted natural lashes. They give clients the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds!   

3. Volumize the Holidays

Volume eyelash extensions consist of handmade volume fans with approximately 2-6 lashes. The number depends on the health of your natural lashes and your desired lash goals. The volume fans are customized for your lashes during each appointment. Our volume lash application accentuates lash lines, adding lushness and voluminosity. Your lash volume typically increases by 200-600% with these particular extensions. That’s a great deal of volume!

best lash extensions

Ladies who have naturally long and healthy lashes but want to add a bit more drama will fall in love with our volume lashes. For a darker, more voluminous look, you should opt for volume eyelash extensions rather than classic lashes.

Clients with thinning or damaged lashes will benefit from volume lashes. These lashes help to fill in any natural gaps using volume fans. Your lash artist can help you to create a more full and balanced look. Once you try our volume lashes, you will simply be in awe of the bold and beautiful results. You deserve to feel fabulous and confident! So schedule your appointment at Wisp Lashes today!

Our Conclusion

Whether you are leaning towards the classic, hybrid, or volume lash look this holiday season, Wisp Lashes is here to help you achieve the lash look of your dreams! You deserve to look and feel your absolute best this year, so treat yourself and those you love to the fabulous gift of eyelash extensions. It will not only save you precious time but will also help to boost your overall confidence.

To procure incredible lash savings, follow our lash care tips located on our website! Properly caring for your extensions can increase the time between your refills and help you to save your money in the long run

If you are looking for a more dramatic look, our lash artist creates a more pronounced curl for your eyelash extensions. At Wisp Lashes, we are able to customize your lashes based entirely on your preference.