Eyelash extensions are masters when it comes to having luscious fluttery lashes without spending hours on a make-up regimen. But, you may have to spend big bucks at the salon to get eyelash extensions done professionally. Lash artists are trained with the skill to apply lash extensions safely and perfectly.

When you think of purchasing an eyelash extensions kit and doing it yourself, you are taking a severe risk. But, hey! Do you do the electrics of the house by yourself? Some services are done best when left to experts. It is not a DIY treatment that you can try at home. Wisp Lashes would never advise its clients to try lash lifts or lash extensions at home. If you are in dire need, go back to our good old friend falsies or curlers.

Here we go with a few reasons why you must never try doing Eyelash Extensions on yourself :

1) Risk involved in handling the eyelash extensions glue

You are playing with your eyes, my dear friend. It’s not worth the risk. Read further to know why? The skin around the eye area is the most sensitive. It is much thinner and tends to dry quickly. If accidentally the glue drops in the area around the eye or God forbid, inside the eye, you will experience your life’s worst nightmare. It can lead to nasty allergies or infections.

The primary ingredient in eyelashes extensions adhesive is Cyanoacrylate. This chemical must be used with utmost care. It is highly reactive and is a popular cause of allergy when it is uncured. Cyanoacrylate quickly cures when it absorbs moisture, forming a solid unreactive bonding with anything it comes in contact with. When exposed to air, it releases fumes that can irritate the sensitive membranes of the eyes, nose, and throat.

lash extensions glue

When you visit a lash lounge, the lash artist will make you comfortable lie on your back with your eyes closed. The main reason is to protect your eyes from the nasty effects of Cyanoacrylate.  When you try this stint at home, your eyes have to be open. Due to this, the eyes are over-exposed to the vapor, causing the body to produce antibodies.

Eventually, this may lead to glue allergy with differing allergy symptoms for clients. Some common symptoms that you may experience are a runny nose, watery or swollen red eyes, nausea, dizziness, etc. These allergies may disappear when the eyelashes extensions are removed but will reappear once you try to opt for the treatment again.

So the bad news is that you will have to give-up lash extensions forever. No matter what glue brand you use, the main ingredient remains the same. In short, don’t even think to apply eyelash extensions on open eyes. Unless, you want to say goodbye to these goodies for a lifetime.

2) Picking the right product


Most lash salons use quality products compared to the products available in the markets for untrained people. Your lash technician knows exactly which glue to use and which type of lashes would suit you best. Do you have any clue regarding this? Realistically, it is best to leave this to trained lash artists. Unless, you want to experience the adverse allergic reactions that give puffy and irritated eyes.

3) Too many at a time

The rule of thumb for lash extensions is that you have to apply the extensions on one natural lash only. Whether you choose to apply the volume or classic eyelash extensions, this rule remains unchanged. With eyes open while looking in the mirror, would it be possible to correctly isolate an individual lash? Of course not! You will end up gluing several natural lashes together and the result will be a disaster. 

Every lash grows at a different speed; some may grow fast, some slowly. These growth rates are referred to as anagen, catagen, and telogen. It will cause immense pain as the eyes will not be able to tackle this difference in growth for the set of glued lashes.

It may also give rise to a condition of Blepharitis, where the edges of the eyes develop an inflammation. In addition to the pain, this kind of application will affect your delicate hair follicles. It can cause the natural lashes to fall off permanently, leaving a bald spot or scar on the lash line. 

A professional is concerned with the integrity and health of the natural lashes; if you don’t have healthy lashes what will they bind the extensions to? Use a lash serum to replenish your lashes for your next visit to lash extensions Knoxville TN.

4) Deadly tweezers

When watching tutorials, most of us think that any job is a piece of cake. Hey! These tutorials are made by professionals who have years of experience and expertise. If you see tutorials for eyelash extensions, you will notice that the artist has a steady hand. They know the exact way to handle the tweezers without hurting the client. Do you have the same skill set?

eyelash extensions

While doing the procedure yourself, you run a risk of scratching the cornea when you bring the sharp tweezers too close to the eyes. It can lead to a corneal abrasion, which we do not want. You have only one set of eyes for a lifetime and, we don’t want them to face the tragic consequences.

Lash artists undergo hours of training sessions, where they learn all the nitty-gritty of the trade. They have in-depth knowledge and precision that novices lack.


Stop thinking about saving the entire time gal! When you think of going to the best lash extensions in Knoxville, close your eyes and go to Wisp Lashes. It is a professional eyelash extensions salon that you can visit for a refill or new lash set to look gorgeous.

You need to pamper and flatter yourself sometimes. There is no other way to feel confident and empowered than to look beautiful.  This post is not meant to scare you, but we care for you and all our clients. We don’t want you to repent for one bad decision of yours. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!