Anything that gains popularity is sure to garner a helluva of media attention; eyelash extensions are no exception. The lash extensions industry has been one of the most upcoming beauty treatments. It has seen a steady rise in its graph since its conception. Media treats everything positively and negatively, but the negative aspects are focused on to grab more attention.

Videos and articles with swollen pairs of eyes highlighting the dangers of eyelash extensions are on the round in the social circuit. Such news splashes portray only one side of the story. It scares potential first-timers who wish to embrace this treatment and enjoy the luxury of luscious, fluttery-volume lashes.

As a renowned lash salon, we wish to clarify a few facts. We certainly don’t want women who want to try eyelash extensions to be terrified after reading or watching these horror stories. It is irksome to let the media criticize our industry so unfairly. We don’t want to keep our dear gals from looking fab and confident with their classic set eyelash extensions because the media prefers to blow their one-sided story out of proportion.

Read on to know our viewpoint on media warnings about eyelash extension:

What could lead to swollen and puffy eyes with lash extensions?

When you see photos of women with extremely swollen eyes, it is 100% of the time due to an allergic reaction to the main ingredient (cyanoacrylate) used in lash glue. The chances of you experiencing this allergy are minuscule. They are very uncommon and barely affect less than 0.5% of the clients. Most of the clients who witness this allergic reaction are prone to latex allergies. They will unfortunately never be able to opt for lash extensions due to it.

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This allergic reaction is very similar to any food allergy. You would not come to know you have an allergy to a specific food substance unless you try it and experience allergy symptoms. In final words, the allergy is neither the fault of the salon nor eyelash extensions. It is purely due to a genetic factor and the lash artist can do nothing to avoid it.

In addition to leaving you with an allergy, visiting an unprofessional lash salon can have a nasty outcome on your natural lashes. The artist can cut, damage, or brutally hamper your lashes and eyelids without the requisite expertise. After all, it’s a question of one of the most delicate parts of your body, and it is always advisable to be safe than sorry.

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Thus, you must only and only visit a reputed salon that would place quality and safety as the top priority. When you visit us for an appointment, we will answer every question you have in mind. You will be able to see for yourself how passionate we are about our job and the in-depth knowledge we possess about eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions salons are scattered everywhere; many nail salons, massage parlors offer this service. But, before you step into any of these places, think about the horror stories and act wisely. Like other professional services you would not compromise on, you need to be cautious with lash extensions.


After shortlisting a salon that specializes in eyelash extensions, go a step further to access their credibility. Check their client reviews, visit their website, check their social media presence and see their work for yourself. If the salon does not have these factors to convince you, then beware. These are warning bells that must alert you to make the right choice.


The prime focus of the news is to create exciting content that will attract attention, making their story or article an instant hit. Such untruly stories tend to spread like wildfire with popular social media networks. As a consumer, select a reputed salon and judge their work with a bit of common sense before you make an appointment. If you have any allergies or medical conditions, speak to your lash artist to avoid repercussions. Wisp Lashes has been acknowledged in the lash circuit for its outstanding reputation, quality, and professionalism. Social media can certainly have a strong impact on our lives. It can even influence our lash appearance to a great extent. However, with our excellent work, we won’t let social media tarnish the reputation of the lash industry.