Summer has set in, and it’s time to rock. With your stylish summer apparel, lash extensions can be the cherry on top. It is one of the best trends that ever graced the beauty industry.  A lash extension can make you look effortlessly glamorous all the time, even with little or no additional make-up. It is a low-maintenance option that allows you to ditch the annoying runny mascara. 

Besides getting your bikini bodies ready for the stunning summer season, you will have to take special care of your lashes. Summer is synonymous with long sunny days and fun outdoor activities. People tend to spend most of their time lounging next to the pool, at the beach, or dancing around the bonfire. However, your lashes detest sweat, oil, and humidity.

The warm, humid weather and activities can result in poor lash retention, demanding extra TLC just like you take care of your skin. 

Your eyelash extensions near me  salon will give you some aftercare tips to retain these beauties for as long as you can.

A few tips from Lash extensions Knoxville TN to keep your lash extensions looking fab all summer long:

1) Swim care

Perfect Lash Extensions

Whether you took a dip at the beach or in a pool, rinsing your lashes with freshwater or lash extensions with a safe cleanser should be one of your top priorities. Once the lashes get thoroughly cleaned, pat them dry with a soft towel (no rubbing) to remove excess water, and brush them gently with a reusable lash wand. 

Additionally, you can go a step further to protect your lashes by wearing swim goggles. We know how difficult it is to escape the call of the sparkling waters. However, if possible, avoid submerging your head to protect your lashes. Chlorine and saltwater tend to lessen lash retention. The fact is, chlorine does not dry on your lashes as it is reactive to the lash glue, breaking the bond faster.

The first 24-48 hours are crucial as you don’t want the bonding agent not to seal well. Although beach picnics are enjoyable, several elements could pose a risk to the longevity of your extensions. Due to the sand and wind that may inadvertently enter your eye, the irritation might tend to make you rub your lash extensions. 

As much as possible, avoid going to the beach immediately after your refill sessions. You can’t go to pool parties as well immediately after applying for your extensions.

2) Precautions to heat and humidity

Precautions to heat and humidity

Who does not love grilling steaks or snuggling next to the campfire? Sadly, your lashes are not heat-friendly. High temperatures can make them brittle. Harsh weather conditions could also lead to potential damage to your coveted extensions. 

The direct high heat from blow dryers, ovens, stoves, or grills can melt or singe the synthetic lash extensions. Anything with an open flame can damage your natural lashes or can make them look clumpy. Be cautious not to stand directly over the heat to keep your lashes intact and gorgeous.

Excessive humidity can also cause the lash adhesive to weaken. It can either cause the lash extensions to become brittle or clumpy. To prevent this, use a lash sealant daily if you are on a tropical vacation. The sealant adds an extra protective layer for your extensions and lashes line. It can extend the life of the adhesive, holding the extensions in place for a longer time.

3) Using Sunscreen

Using Sunscreen

Using sunscreen should be part of your daily skincare routine especially during summer seasons. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For those who have lash extensions, an oil-free sunscreen is the best option to prevent premature lash shedding. Let your SPF sunscreen fully soak before swimming or sweating.

If you are using water-based sunscreen, avoid spraying it directly on the face. We recommend avoiding the area around the eyes.


4) Keep the sweat off

Keep the sweat off

Phew! No-sweat summer activities are impossible. Sweat carries natural oils from the skin as well as salt deposits. If the sweat keeps drying on your lashes, it can cause crusty build-ups. This clump will weaken the lash bonding. So whether you want to hit the gym, go hiking or play beach volleyball, you must keep in mind the effects of sweat on your lash extensions.

Wear a headband, or wipe the sweat on your forehead before it trickles down. Rinse your lashes with freshwater immediately after pursuing any of these activities.

5) Keep your lashes clean

Keep your lashes clean

It applies year-round; it is pivotal to keep your lashes clean all the time. You may be staying most of the time outdoors during the summers while enjoying some fantastic activities. But, this can lead to deposits such as dirt and debris getting stuck on your lashes. To get rid of this problem, we recommend keeping your lashes clean by rinsing in the shower after an activity. You can also use a lash cleanser to remove dust, oil, salt deposit, or sand to prevent excessive shedding.

We know that your picture will be incomplete without a dash of make-up. All make-up products such as eye shadows, mascara, eyeliners, and make-up remover must be oil-free. Gently remove your make-up with an oil-free remover without harsh tugging or rubbing.

6) Go for regular refills

Go for regular refills

We know that frequent outdoor trips in summers might make clients have irregularities with refills. Adhere to your regular refill appointments, so your lash stylist can keep your lash line fluffed and full.

In the warmer months, we experience faster hair and lash growth. You can shed up to six lashes a day during summer. The more the shedding, the sooner you need to visit your lash salon for refills to keep your lashes looking as great as ever.


This summer, along with your lash extensions, you might want to try brow lamination to accentuate your facial features. A perfect combination for a picture-perfect look! Thanks to these beauty treatments, it is so much easier to stay active while feeling gorgeous all the time!

Whether you have volume or classic eyelash extensions, you will have to follow the above tips to keep your lashes healthy in the summer. For a more dramatic and fuller look, opt for the volume lashes instead of the classic lashes.

With the umpteen products available in the market, clients tend to get confused. When you visit us at Wisp Lashes, we can clear all the doubts that you have in your mind regarding lash extensions.  Our professional team will provide you with mink lashes that blend with your taste and need. These experts can also guide you on other procedures like lash lifts and tints, making your decision-making easier.

Our aim is not only to give you those fluttery luscious lashes but also to provide complete guidance on how to maintain them so that you can enjoy every occasion and season without any concern. If you are residing in Knoxville, type eyelash extensions near me to get to us as quickly as possible. We hope to see you soon!