They say the face says it all. Well, we would argue that the eyebrows and lashes say it all. Beauty experts the world over agree that perfectly shaped eyebrows are one of the most common beauty goals of their clients. Luckily, Eyebrow Shaping doesn’t have to be difficult.

While preference around eyebrow shape differ: thick vs. thing, arched vs. natural, etc. everyone agrees that symmetry of the brows is one of the most important aspects of brow shaping.

Eyebrows are considered to be the most crucial aspect of a beauty regimen because they frame our entire faces, highlight our lashes, and give shape to our eyes.

Since we know what significance eyebrow holds & the way it can transform our entire look, the importance of finding and maintaining your perfect eyebrow shaping cannot be overstated.

Even those of us not born with perfectly shaped or symmetric brows can achieve #browgoals with the help of trained Brow Artists. At Wisp Lashes, our Brow Artists use a 4 step process to create the perfect brow for each unique client. Then, we teach clients how to maintain the shape at home and with routine brow appointments!

These are the 3 steps Wisp Brow Artists take to perfectly shape the brows of clients in the salon!

Best Eyebrow Shaping Methods

1. Waxing

2. Tweezing

Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

3. Brow Tinting

Brow Tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to the eyebrow hairs and skin. This process adds extra depth and darkness to the brow area and polishes off the brow design.

4. Brow Filling

For Over-Tweezed Eyebrows: Shaping Method

Many of us have fallen victim to over-tweezing our own eyebrows. One way to avoid this problem to begin with is to ditch the magnifying mirror. Magnifying mirrors, by definition, focus in on only a small portion of our eyebrow instead of our entire face. This hyper-focus can lead to over-tweezing very quickly. When tweezing at home, stand at least 18 inches away from a well-lit traditional mirror before beginning.

When in doubt, put the tweezers down!

Filling in over-tweezed brows

If your brows have a good shape with some blank spots here and there, you can fill them in using makeup like using an eyebrow pencil, powers, of Babe Lash Fiber. The key to filling in over-tweezed brows is to have a light hand. Light, quick strokes will provide a more natural appearance

  1. Lightly trace the brow shape – first trace the bottom, then trace the top
  2. Lightly define the head of the brow – the head of your brow will line up with the inside corner of your eye
  3. Lightly fill in the bulk of the brow in quick, fine strokes – strokes should be in the same direction as the natural eyebrow hair growth
  4. Last, lightly define the tail – eyebrow tails are typically the most tricky part to fill in. The tail should end just past the outer corner of your eye. Make light strokes pull out the tail to be symmetrical between the eyebrows.  Some people find completing one entire eyebrow at a time to be easiest while others switch eyebrows step-by-step. The process is yours! Try each way to figure out what works best for you!

While coloring the empty patches:

Taming Too Full Eyebrows: Method

Too full eyebrows can overwhelm those who do not have experience maintaining them.

1. Trimming – The length of too full eyebrows is an easy way to effect the overall fullness. To trim the brows, use a brow brush and brush the brow hair straight up. Any length that is above the natural line of the brow can carefully be trimmed away with eyebrow shaping scissors. As with all cutting, start out little by little to ensure that you don’t go too short.

2. Plucking overgrowth – Start by standing at least 18 inches away from a well-lit mirror. Standing too close or using magnifying mirrors risks over-plucking. Identify brow hairs that are growing outside of the natural arch of the brows and gently pluck them, in the direction of the eyebrow hair growth. For hairs growing in between eyebrows, pluck in a vertical, upward direction.


We hope you have found the at home eyebrow shaping techniques helpful! And of course as the saying goes practice makes you perfect so try not to hurry and be very cautious whenever you’re plucking since over-plucking does the maximum damage. And lastly, if you are not too confident about trying your hand at eyebrow shaping, simply leave it to the experts. Our eyebrow artists at wisp lashes are Eyebrow shaping experts! Book your brow appointment now!