Many women today are inclined towards their fitness routine. Exercising has become an integral part of their lives.  Women love to look glam even while they swim, dance or lift weights. If we ask them to choose between beauty and exercising, it would be difficult for them to compromise on either.

Eyelash extensions give you a chance to adorn that flawless look by giving you fluttery and gorgeous lashes. They are not cheap; you need to invest a good deal of time and money every 2-3 weeks to get that red-carpet celebrity look. The last thing anyone would wish is to ruin their new lash set due to trivial errors. Rest assured, you can wear them while cooking, sleeping, swimming, and even while exercising. But, with caution, oil, heat, and sweat can reduce their longevity. 

Read on for tips to keep your volume and classic lashes on point while remaining fit:

1) Stick to the 24-hour rule

The first thing your lash artist will do is inform you to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. The glue used for lash extensions is fussy and needs the perfect environment to set while drying. This waiting period is crucial for the lash glue to cure completely. During the curing process, the lash glue draws moisture from the air to set. When exposed to too much moisture, the drying time reduces. It ultimately weakens the adhesive bonding, leading to poor lash retention.

Now let us link this curing process to your exercising regime. Sweat is a mixture of water, salts, and oil. It is inevitable to sweat while exercising, but if this sweat comes in contact with the lash extensions during the curing period, it will result in extensions falling off prematurely. To extend the lifespan of your coveted lash extensions, follow this golden rule without fail. 

Stick to the 24-hour rule

Exercises like yoga or walking that do not cause profuse sweating will not pose a problem. But the trouble will arise with high-intensity workouts where you tend to sweat for hours at a stretch. Thus, it is better to keep the extensions as safe as possible during their curing period. If the curing process is incomplete due to any reason, problems will soon knock at your door.

2) Before you hit the gym

Before any workout session, avoid putting on creams and sunblocks that contain oil. Sweating may cause these products to drip from the forehead and seep into your lashes. The oil from these products will cause the extensions to clump together, leading to poor retention and premature loss. Instead, use a sealer to seal your lashes 30- minutes before your workout session. The sealer helps to create a barrier between the lash glue and sweat, thus safeguarding your eyelash extensions from sliding off.

Before you hit the gym

3) Avoid rubbing your eyes

It’s typical to sweat around the face during workout sessions. Unknowingly, we all tend to wipe off our faces with a towel. Be careful dear gal! Rubbing roughly or excessively when wearing lash extensions can snag them, causing them to fall out eventually. These tips are crucial to ensure client satisfaction; the surefire way to achieve it is better retention.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

4) Stay away from hot showers or yoga

Hot environments cause thermal decomposition that softens the bond created by the lash glue. Hot yoga or hot showers can be detrimental to the life of your eyelash extensions. If you are a fan of hot showers, bring down the heat and keep the water from falling directly on your lash extensions. You can wash your face in the sink with cold water to prevent yourself from battling faster lash loss.

Stay away from hot showers or yoga

5) Clean them thoroughly

No matter what form of workout you choose, you can’t afford to skip the clean-up routine. Your extensions will die an early death if you fail to clean them with a lash-extensions safe cleanser. You need to do it as soon as you are done with the workout session; the longer you wait, there will be more damage to your extensions due to the salt and oil from sweat. The residue affects retention, breaking down the lash bond. De-tangle your lash extensions with a mascara wand to keep your volume or classic set eyelash extensions lasting longer.

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Sweat doesn’t limit the lash beauty world. If you religiously follow these workout tips from eyelash extensions near me, nothing can keep you from looking gorgeous and healthy at the same time.  Low-impact exercises like walking, running, dancing, Tai Chi, Pilates, crunches, planks, squatting, etc., won’t harm your lash extensions a great deal. However, if you choose kickboxing, swimming in the ocean, or hot yoga, then oil, salt, and water that comes in contact with the extensions would reduce the lifespan of your stunning extensions.

Clients who follow the after-care instructions turn up for the volume or classic lashes infill sessions with fluffy lashes that require a touch-up. The lash artist at Wisp Lashes can add extra volume instead of catching up on the fallen lashes. After all, going that extra mile to care for your beauties is not too much to ask. Book an appointment with us at the earliest!