When something is expensive, it is logical to try and find ways to reuse the item or service to cut down costs. There is no denying that eyelashes extensions are not cheap. We realize that it is an investment to get your lash extensions refilled every few weeks in order to maintain those gorgeous, fluttery eyelashes. So, most people often want to find ways to make their eyelash extensions longer or even reuse them. However, reusing lashes is not advisable.

Individual lash extensions cannot be reused because they are semi-permanent lashes that lash artists apply directly to your natural lashes. Lash extensions sit on your natural lashes for two to four weeks until the natural lashes shed, causing the extensions to fall out with them gradually. Therefore, it is neither practical nor feasible to collect each of the falling eyelashes extensions and reuse them.

At Wisp Lashes, we’ve come up with a list of reasons to help you better understand why it is never a wise idea to reuse your lash extensions.

1. Collecting Used Eyelash Extensions is Next to Impossible

Eyelash extensions aren’t like your falsies that can be removed and reused the following day. Depending on the health of your natural lashes, they will fall out gradually within two to four weeks with your natural lashes. To avoid losing your fabulous look, most clients prefer to book their refill sessions every three weeks.

A crucial point to consider when getting extensions is that all eyelashes do not shed at the same time. Throughout the growth cycle, you can lose one to five eyelashes per day, with each eyelash falling off at a different time.

Most of the time, clients don’t even notice when they shed an eyelash as they may be busy doing something else at that time. So that eliminates your chances of collecting classic eyelash extensions or volume eyelash extensions as they shed. If you are lucky, you may accidentally end up catching one or two eyelash extensions. However, this is quite rare.

2. Reusing Eyelash Extensions is Unsanitary

Lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes using a specialized adhesive containing Cyanoacrylate. If you decide to remove the lash extension prematurely or catch an extension that has fallen off, cleansing the lash extensions can be a difficult task.

From the time your lash artist applies the extensions until the time they fall off, they are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and grime. When they fall off, they may even carry some remnants of the eyelash extensions adhesive applied to bond the extensions to the natural lashes. 

Considering the sensitivity of your eyes, using any unhygienic makeup products can instantly invite infections, medical problems like dryness, swelling, redness, and conjunctivitis.

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3. Eyelash Extensions are Prone to Wear and Tear

During most products’ lifecycle, they undergo natural wear and tear. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that keep you looking gorgeous for several weeks. They inevitably undergo natural wear and tear during this period. While you are busy with your routine chores like cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and bathing, they tend to lose their initial integrity. In fact, every time you sweat or rub your eyes, your eyelash extensions are affected. They eventually show signs of wear in comparison to the brand new extensions applied to your lashes.

4. It is Not Worthwhile to Reuse Eyelash Extensions

As mentioned earlier, our classic eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. This beauty treatment lasts for several weeks, which gives you the ability to flaunt a flawless look day in and day out. If you are thinking of reusing your eyelash extensions to cut costs, consider all of the above points.

This gimmick will offer you the least value for your money. And even if you religiously manage to collect all the fallen eyelash extensions, you simply can’t reapply them all by yourself. In all of our years in the beauty industry, we have not heard of any professional eyelash extension technicians who would agree to apply used eyelash extensions. This is due to the fact that your used lashes will typically be worn down and highly unsanitary. As a result, your lashes will not look as flawless as they would after a typical refill.

Our Conclusion

Eyelash extensions are quickly becoming a huge trend in the beauty industry. They can take your everyday look to the next level and save you a lot of time. At Wisp Lashes, your lash artist will carefully pick out lash extensions that mimic the shape, curl, and size of your natural lashes, giving you your desired lash look. Your lash artist also has the ability to customize your lashes based on your request completely.

Instead of attempting to reuse your eyelash extensions, we urge you to keep up with regular refills and extend the life of your lashes by taking good care of them and following our aftercare tips to a tee. So while you can enjoy using your strip lashes more than once, eyelash extensions are made for one-time use that spans over several weeks.