Lash extensions are the hottest fashion trend around the world. Look around, and you can see pictures of beautiful women sporting long, curl voluminous, envy-worthy eyelashes. It is most likely that they are wearing eyelash extensions. If you have thought those beautiful eyelash extensions are only for celebrities, then let us tell you that you too can sport those curly long lash extensions.

They are comfortable and affordable and come in a variety of forms to suit your budget. If you are tired of wearing wrangle mascara and using the lash curler, which is a cumbersome process, it is time to bid goodbye to all and opt for eyelash extension.  

Why are lash extensions so popular among women?

They come in different styles:

The extension comes in a different style which makes the process of choosing a tad confusing. It is important to consider your eye shape before you zero on the style, so it is best to let your lash artist guide you. Let’s look at a few of the lash extensions style that our experts at the wisp lashes studio help you sport for your desired look.

Do you have round eyes? Then you must try this eyelash extension. This goes best with our classic lash set. In this style, we will place the longest lashes at the outside corners so that you get a classic catty appearance. However, we do not recommend the style for wide eyes. 

This is one of the most popular eyelash styles that you will love to flaunt. In this style, we use volume lashes. The lashes in the middle will be longer than the two corners. This style will make your eyes appear bigger, and are best suited for someone with wide-set or downturned eyes. This style is not recommended for round eyes as it will make your eyes look smaller. 

We use a mix of classic and hybrid lashes to enhance your natural eyelash pattern. The longer lashes are placed in the middle. If you want to retain your natural lash pattern and still add some drama to your eyes, you should go with this style. The Natural style goes well with all eyes shape and is perfect for an everyday look

This is another lash extension that is hot in trend these days if you are seeking to create more volume with your already dense natural lashes. In this pattern, there is a mix of long and short lashes throughout the length of your lid to give you a messy or staggered look. However, if you have fine and sparse lashes then staggered style is certainly not your best option as it requires your natural lash density to work with.

Want to wear a bold look? Then go for glam extensions that wear a much thicker lash extension. This style works perfectly for all those special moments where you want to look different yet attractive. This style will definitely make you stand out.

They are customizable: 

Don’t like any of the styles above? Don’t worry! Ask our professional lash extension experts to customize the lash extension style for you. Whether you want to add more thickness, volume, length, or curl, our styling expert will have it designed only for you. So, don’t shy away from asking until you’re satisfied with your lash style! 

Wisp lashes can make your dream come true with their customizable lash extensions. We work extensively with our customers to understand their desire, and then in every volume lash appointment, our trained lash artists will create 2-6 volume fans for each of your natural lashes. Each lash would be handpicked so that the design, length, diameter, and lash health are up-to-the-mark. Be rest assured that no two-volume lash sets for two customers will be the same. Each is unique to one. 

Professional Lash Extensions

They Look Natural:

We help our clients pump up added drama in their perfect eye frame by adding volume lashes. Our volume lashes are completely handmade volume fans that are crafted only for you. They look completely natural, just as your original lashes giving you the most realistic look. With each volume eyelash set, your lash volume will increase by 200-600%. Now, that’s a lot of volume to pump up the drama. 

You’re always ready to go:

Now you don’t need to worry about the morning rush. With the natural lash extension, you’re always ready to step out whenever the need be. Lash extensions certainly save some time so that you can happily forget to put the mascara in your bag. Lash extensions eliminate the need to wearing mascara every day. Read on to know more about the benefits of eyelash extensions and the reasons for its popularity.

benefits of eyelash extensions

Our basic tips for you to understand what style will work on different eye shapes?

 If you have almond-shaped eyes or an oval-shaped face, you can confidently wear any lash style. Add some volume with a full lash for added drama. 

For round eyes, go for curly lashes. Avoid adding too much volume, as it will make your eyes look smaller. 

If you have a monolid eye where no crease is visible in the upper eyelid, wear a heavy style – multi-layered lashes would look great. 

For hooded eyes, wear long lashes just above the pupil of the eye.


Are you looking for professional lash extensions services? Wisp Lashes, lash extension Knoxville is your go-to place for natural and customized lash extensions. You will love the conveniences of our eyelash extensions. Come and experience it yourself?