Now that you’ve decided to finally give Eyelash Extensions a try, it’s time you get to know the type you’re going to get. Usually, eyelash extensions come in three broad categories- classic, volume, and hybrid.

Understanding the differences in the types of lashes will ensure that you book the correct type of appointment for the look you are hoping to achieve.

The Three Types of Eyelash Extensions in Detail

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes area 1:1 bond. This means that the Lash Artist will place 1 eyelash extensions on top of every natural lash. The Lash Artist will isolate one natural eyelash using tweezers and using tweezers in the other hand, the eyelash extension is attached. 

Most clients have at least 100 natural lashes so isolating and adding eyelash extensions to each natural lash a bit time-consuming. If you’ve got 110 eyelashes, you’ll nearly be getting the same amount of false lashes, one at a time. Some lashes will not get an extension since they’ll be in a baby phase, known as Anagen Phase, and are too little to handle an extension. 

This type of extension gives some volume and lots of length. 

So you’ll get Classic Lashes because- 

Volume Lashes

The actual drama (like literally) unfolds with Volume Lashes. At Wisp Lashes, Volume Lashes are handmade miniature fans consisting of 2-6 eyelash extensions. Just like with Classic Lashes, the Lash Artist, will attach the volume fan on 1 natural lash, adding dramatic volume and density to your lash line. 

Volume Lashes give lots of volume and an added “fluffier” look compared to Classic Lashes.

Choose Volume Lashes if:

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a customizable mix of classic and volume lashes. The ideal ration is 50:50 classic and volume, nonetheless, Lash Artist will tailor-plan you’re most suitable ration, based on your original lash line and the desired look you seek to achieve.

This hybrid extension is a much inclusive package as it has got the best of both the worlds. Have you been staggered by Kim Kardashian’s lash line? The good news is that you can have that same look with volume eyelash extension. By using classic lashes longer, and volume lashes shorter, you can achieve the Kim-inspired look. 

This type of extension gives you volume and length.

So you’ll get Hybrid Lashes because- 

Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions


The biggest pros of the lash extension are you’re going to ditch that bottle of mascara and apply it in volumes every time you are set to go out. Once you’re donned in your choice of lash extension, you’re good to go without bothering to care for it at all. Also, the pesky curler is nowhere to be seen when you’re rocking the lash extensions. 


One of the roadblocks to lashes in the maintenance. Much like our nails, our lashes have to be filled regularly – every 2-3 weeks. Eyelash extensions shed with our natural lashes, within 3-5 weeks our entire lash line has shed and been replaced by new lashes.

Hundreds have satisfied clients have decided that the added glamour to their everyday lives are well worth the regular fill appointments. PLUS, our Lash Artists are great! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours a month hanging out with them? Experience the Wisp Difference and book your appointment today: Book Now!