A blink of an eye, with thick, lustrous and voluminous lashes could be all that it takes to say those thousand things, words could ever tell.

Folks, looking forward to enticing the world with beautiful lashes are up for a great offer. Time could never be more suitable to indulge in some beauty trends that could change your looks, well, in the blink of an eye.

What is the great offer You Can’t-Miss?

Wisp Lashes is offering a one-time-free lash fill with the purchase of full set Eyelash Extensions from January to February. Meaning to get the offer:

  1. You’ve got to avail of a full-set Lash Extension service from Wisp Lashes.

  2. Avail the purchase by 1/1/20 within 12:00 AM to 2/29/20, by 11:59 PM, to grab the one-time opportunity.

  3. The first fill after the appointment with us will be done free of cost.

Hurry before it is over. Not only get a brilliant and vibrant look with Wisp Lashes  Full Set extension but also rest assured that the first fill will be done free of cost. First, you go for the product, you look beautiful, then you test the waters when it is time for service, then you have faith, and then you continue to look beautiful, time and again.

What is this free Fill You’ll be getting?

Lash extensions and false eyelashes aren’t the same. Most people are informed with the false lash, which is nothing but a strip of skin-friendly adhesive that will contain the false eyelashes aligned perfectly to give a fuller look when applied.

But this is not the case with lash extension service. It is more prominent, cosmetically effective and aesthetically better when compared to a strip of false lashes.

Lash extension is also an altogether a different process, where according to the desired volume, individual eyelashes are placed in between the original lashes. This gives a longer-lasting effect, better and more uniform volume, and not to mention the original looks, as compared to false extension lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Special offer of the month!

Why You Should Opt for Eyelash Extension From Wisp Lashes?

Whether you believe it or not, eyelash extension goes a long way in giving an effortless new look to you, whether you have applied makeup, or not. Thick, voluminous lashes give your eyes a fuller look, and every blink as if blows an invisible air of gentility that gives you confidence.

Hail wherever you arrive- office, party, client-meeting, and where not? Look everywhere with sheer confidence, knowing that every glance of yours will be elegant, utterly sophisticated and stylish.

Here’s why you should opt for Wisp Lashes for the best Eyelash Extension in Knoxville:

Why You Can’t Do Without Eyelash Extensions This New Decade?

The rolling in of the new decade certainly marks the onset of the newer trends. But does that mean the old trends are lost? The answer is another question- can anything replace the elegance and appeal of the Classics? The answer is with all of us.

The lash extension trend, which is the Holy Grail to Hollywood as much as it is to a working mom, has quite some history behind its being.

Eyelash Extension

Turns out, Hollywood gave this wonderful trend to make the natural lashes look fuller and beautiful, nearly a century ago. Makeup artist Maximillion Factor, to give actor Phyllis Harley, playing the role of the charming Roxy, more dramatic and inviting look, for the first time reportedly introduced the false lash extension in the world. And as you can guess, it was wanted by the women of the whole world.

By intricately gluing a fringe of thin artificial Celia on the upper eyelids of Harley, what Maximillion did was to simply create history, that would continue to dictate the beauty trends till this date.

From The Roxy Revolution To Today, We’ve Come A Long Way

Although Phyllis Harley’s character revolutionized the fashion industry, the trend couldn’t find its way on the eyelids of every woman walking the streets. It was not affordable and the fringe of false lashes stuck didn’t quite go well with daily living. It looked unnatural. But hey, now we’re here to give you more natural-looking and finer individual lash extensions in Austin.

Appoint s today, and be elegance personified every day.

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