As a lash artist, it is natural to be enthusiastic when you have a new client visiting you for pre-consultation. You need to gear up for this important meeting, as client retention is the key to boost your business. As first-timers, clients may come in with a lot of expectations and demands. They may be unaware of the exact details of the eyelash extension procedure. You may have to furnish them with more information on the volume and classic lashes. Be confident, flaunt your expertise and please your client so that they want to keep coming back to your salon. Many lash artists don’t consider a pre-counseling session important. 

We give you a few reasons why it is pivotal to hold these sessions

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It is common for women to try more than one salon till they are delighted. For a gratifying experience, it is crucial to make your lash room comfortable for your clients. When customers have visited other salons, they can divulge their perspective about the procedures followed there. It might contain essential clues that can help your lash salon improve. It can help you survive the tough competition offered by other practitioners.

Top Tips For Pre-counseling Your Lash Client

Let’s now look at what tips you need to give your clients during the pre-counseling sessions.

Eyelash extensions are a game-changer in the beauty fraternity. They can add oodles of oomph to your persona. Like celebs, they can make your eyes appear more prominent, giving a lean appearance to your face. Unlike falsies, they provide natural, long-lasting beauty to your eyes. It almost eliminates the need for any eye-makeup to make you look gorgeous even when you have stepped out of bed.

What questions must lash salons ask while booking an appointment for first-timers?

Pre-counseling Your Lash Client

If not, before, how much time were the extensions applied? Inform them that the outcome and durability of the lashes will depend on the state of the wings.

It is essential to prepare pregnant clients in advance as you need to lie still in the same position for a sufficiently long duration.

You can reconsider your recommendations for special events.

If the client is suffering from any infectious disease, politely turn them down to maintain the hygiene of the salon and the safety of staff and other clients.

You will have to ask them to wait a few months before applying for the extensions.

If the client does wear, inform them to bring their glasses and contact lens case with them for the appointment.

Clients with sensitive skin are more prone to allergic reactions.

A patch test can decide if the client can go ahead with the procedure.

Wrapping it up

Wisp Lashes takes all the necessary steps, including a pre-counseling session for the benefit of their clients. When looking for an eyelash extension near me for trial, don’t forget to visit us. The plush environment in our studios and professional staff will give you the best experience for volume or classic eyelash extensions.