Your brand new Eyelash Extensions are looking beautiful and lush, right? That’s great! But are you freaking out when it comes to applying your makeup, and the myths that it will ruin your eyelash extension, are making you super anxious?

It might be time for the right dose of information and guidance for you. Whereas you’ll come across people who will complain that their lash extensions are not lasting for them since they wear makeup, the statement is actually not fully true. The matter of lasting lash extension for you will depend on how well and how knowingly you’re caring for them.

The idea is to keep the lashes at bay from the passionate strokes of your brushes and fingers that are often the case when you apply makeup. In a bid to give one hundred percent coverage, you might actually disturb those delicately applied eyelashes, and hence the fall. That said, once you know the tips, tricks or techniques to apply makeup without bothering those lashes, you’re good to go again.

Starting With the Basics: Applying Foundation or Primer

Again, in a bid to go for the popular hundred percent coverage notion, you might overlook that you’ve run your hands over the lashes. You’ve gone to avoid this at any cost from the next time.

Applying foundation or face primer is often the preliminary step for makeup, and ladies, you have to agree you tend to do that in a haste. Like on the last moment super-fast application, kind of.

To avoid running anything or bothering the eyelash extensions, you can use a beauty blender or a kabuki brush. Both of these tools will help you with precise application that takes less surface area and hence lesser chances of running over the lashes. 

Moving On To The Crucial; Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup is the most crucial aspect of this tutorial post. As you can already guess, this is where chances of ruining the lash setup are the most. So you’ve got to be extra vigilant.

The first step is to ensure not to touch the actual lashes by any means- using brushes, and other tools. But since you can’t avert this step in its entirety, you ought to go for high-quality brushes to skip loss and damage of the lashes.

Good quality brushes ensure super-precise and smooth application while gliding through the skip and thereby preventing damage to the lashes. They’re easy to manipulate around the eye area and it’s overall much better experience.

Good quality brushes ensure super-precise and smooth application while gliding through the skip and thereby preventing damage to the lashes. They’re easy to manipulate around the eye area and it’s overall much better experience.

Also, don’t forget to invest in a good quality magnifying mirror. This will greatly aid in a precise application of eye makeup. And you can also make sure that you go smooth and slow over the lashes if you’ve got to do.

Applying Eye Shadow Primer

Be very gentle in this step and tilt your head backward while you apply the primer over your eyelids. Using a synthetic brush you might apply the primer while keeping your head tilted backward, and the brush pointing downwards. This technique will help you avoid the lashes. The same technique may be used to fingertips and being gentle on the lash line.

Applying the Eyeshadow

Now that you’ve applied the eye shadow primer, it is time to set it up with a natural or bone colored shadow. Now start with the fluffy blending brush and tilting your head backward again. Now start applying the shadow with the brush from a downward angle. Keep the brush away from the lashes and blend it well, from the lids to the brows.

Using a pointed crease brush (Example MAC 217) do the same for crease color. And now it is time for coloring the lid. With a few different techniques. Here, you’ll tilt your head down a bit, stretch your eyelids outside. This method will make your eyelids a flat surface and it will be easier for you to do the job without touching the lashes. Next, keeping a flat shadow brush (Example: MAC 224) pointing down, apply the color on your lid and blend as you desire, but carefully.

Applying Eyeliner

This information might make many readers let out a gasp- that you can’t use waterproof makeup products while you’re rocking the false lash extensions. (You can guess the reason right? It is waterproof). But there is nothing to re-gasp since there are a lot of products on the market that are lash extension-safe, and also help you maintain the lashes. Don’t forget to ask your professionals about suitable extension products.

According to the beauty outlet Makeup.com, one with lash extensions must avoid using oil-based makeup since it tends to mess the glue of the false lashes. It very much applies to eyeliner and other eye-makeup products as well.

Avoid Mascara At Any Cost

Don’t let your mind think that your false lashes will look even fuller if you apply mascara on it. Well, as long as you don’t want the lashes to clamp together and lose the glue bond at the end, you should avoid it at any cost.

Instead, apply mascara on your lower lashes and if nothing is going to stop you from applying mascara on top of the lash extension, then get one that is specially made for this.

Last But Certainly Not The Least; Highlighting and Lips

Highlighter, blushes, contours, eyebrows, and lips are anyways far from your lashes, so these should not bother them much.

What To Watch Out?

According to Cosmetic Dermatology expert at the Schweiger Dermatology Group,  Cristina Monaco, PA-C, “Eyeshadows with a sparkle base can cause irritation to the eyelid margin,”  she states to Makeup.com. She suggests ensuring powder and glitter should not get stuck in between the lashes. To ensure this, she suggests using a tight-bristled brush and removes the dust properly before applying.

So now that you know the dos and don’ts of applying makeup keeping your false lashes intact, you must make sure these steps are taken. At Wisp Lashes, one of the best lash lounges in the US, experts are ready to give you the best lash extension in Knoxville and guide you and how to keep it the same for long.