Seasons change, & so do trends in apparels, costumes & makeup change, but ever wondered what is that one thing that perhaps never goes out of trend or fashion & whose obsession remains the same for the longest time? Eyelash extensions it is darling! You can go for either Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions depending on how naturally healthy your lashes are.

However, picking Eyelash Extensions for your look can be one hell of a task if you don’t know what types of lash extensions to choose to suit your eyes better. People living around Austin& Knoxville must worry not because you can get the best of the expertise on the same from “Wisp Lashes” especially with their handmade volume fans created exclusively for volume lashes. Eyelash extensions can help support your features & uplift the overall look of your face, so let us dive into knowing what classic & volume eyelash extensions are.

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Volume Eyelash Extensions

What are Volume eyelash extensions?

Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions


When you understand the natural lashes you are already blessed with; you also understand the type of Eyelash Extensions your eyes need. Simply put, people with healthier & stronger lashes – go the Classic style & spill in your sassy side. And, people with thinner or damaged lashes – go the Volume style & bloom with a smile.