Summer – the best time to look fresh, fabulous, and ready for some good fun in the sun. But what if we say you could make your beauty shine even more with summer lash extensions? With the warm season finally here, you can beautify your look with refreshing lash styles while enjoying your favorite activities.

Whether shopping for new swimwear, prepping for a sun-kissed tan, or booking your luxurious lash extensions treatment at Wisp Lashes, you’ll radiate under the sunshine. When talking about summer lashes, selecting the right style is necessary, thinking of your eye shape, natural lashes, personal taste, and seasonal lash trends.

Today’s post mentions the latest trends for summer lash styles. But wait – did you know that summer lashes can be affected by hot weather and humidity? Put all your worries aside, because we have included some valuable summer lash retention tips just for you.

Let yourself be confident as your beauty shines brighter under the sun with gorgeous eyelash extensions.

Refreshing Summer Lash Extensions Styles You Would Love to Flaunt

Summer and lash extensions are made for each other when applied by a professional technician. Whether you prefer a natural, darker, fluffier, or brighter look, you will learn about the latest and trendiest summer lashes.

Sip on your smoothie and check out some of the refreshing summer lash extensions styles that you’ll absolutely love to flaunt.

Your Natural-Looking Lash Extensions

Achieving natural-looking eyes with lash extensions in summer is a popular trend. Skilled lash artists create extensions that improve your features without looking overdone. Whether at the beach or chatting with friends, these lashes will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who rocks the no-makeup look with natural-looking lash extensions. Summer means to opt for a more subtle and natural lash style that complements your radiant complexion with minimal maintenance.

Wet Looks of Hybrid Lashes

Picture your summer beach selfies with a wet look using hybrid lash extensions. The technique combines classic and volume lash techniques to mimic the textured spikes of wet lashes. With wet-look hybrid lashes, you can achieve a desirable and glistening effect without constantly dipping in and out of the water. 

The artists mainly use closed lash fans to create those ‘wet’ spikes and apply 2-3 hybrid lash extensions to natural lashes for the desired effect. They opt for lighter weights like 0.05 and 0.03 to protect the client’s natural lashes and avoid heaviness. Get that summer glam with wet-look hybrid lash extensions and captivate everyone with your eyelashes.

Textured Sets of Eyelash Extensions

Textured eyelash extensions are set to be a big hit this summer. Skilled lash technicians know that our lash lines have multiple rows, just like hair follicles. By separating these rows during lash treatments, the artists can create an ultra-fluffy and textured lash look. 

Experiment with different thicknesses to achieve a natural wispy style or voluminous effect. To create this textured look, layer different curl types and lengths between the top, middle, and bottom rows of your natural lashes. As technicians master the art of textured lashes, they see clients coming back for more, especially during summer.

Extra Long Russian Volume Lashes

For a dramatic summer look, go the extra mile with long volume eyelash extensions. While volume lashes are still popular, many clients are now focusing on adding extra length to their lashes. Want to stock up on extensions for the summer? Achieving a no-makeup look with these long lashes is in high demand.

Clients want attractive volume lashes, and the trend is leaning towards longer lengths, with some extensions reaching up to 20-25mm! Experts consider your eye shape and natural lash condition. They avoid overly long or heavy extensions for clients with hooded or deep-set eyes, which can cause discomfort. Embrace the trend of extra-long lashes and make a bold statement this summer.

Whimsical & Flirty Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are a favorite all-year round and especially perfect for the summer season. Known for their long and fluttery look, they add volume and length while maintaining your natural summer lash extensions style. 

To achieve the iconic wispy look, professional lash technicians use different lash extension lengths and strategically space them along the lash line. Accurate placement is crucial, so be sure to map out the lashes before applying. Get a whimsical and flirty vibe with wispy lashes for your summer cocktail parties.

Mesmerizing Cat Eye Lashes

Mesmerizing Cat Eye Lashes

The summer lash trend tells us that clients will be chasing after you for cat-eye-style treatments this summer. Cat eyelashes offer a sultry twist on the classic volume lash style, subtly changing the eye shape by creating a lifted effect on the outer corner. 

The professionals begin with shorter lash extensions in the inner corner, gradually increasing the length towards the outer corner for a natural-looking cat-eye effect. The clients will surely fall in love with the beautiful cat-eye lashes that will turn heads all season long.

The Major Bottom Lash Extensions

Bottom lash extensions are gaining popularity and are ready to shine this summer. Enriching the lower lash line adds to that fresh-out-of-the-pool look, making your eyes appear bigger and creating a balanced wet lash style. 

Give bottom lash extensions a try for a more charming and alluring look. Try this trend only with the help of professional lash artists who can help you and improve your beauty with lovely summer lash extensions.

Other Fun and Vibrant Lash Looks for Summer

Not everyone loves glitter, glam, and color, but there are exciting lash extension styles for those who do. If you want to amp up your summer lashes, consider adding color to your regular lash extensions or even opting for full-color lashes in shades like blue, pink, or bronzed brown.

If you want to enjoy all the good benefits of eyelash extensions, you must search for lash extensions near me and find an experienced professional. They should be skilled in applying each extension carefully and precisely to your natural lashes. 

Note: Take this as your go-to summer lash extension tips: It’s important to avoid the lashes sticking together or the glue coming into contact with your eyelid. When professional eyelash extensions are used and applied correctly, they won’t harm your real lashes or slow their growth. Prioritize the health and appearance of your eyes and eyelashes.

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What Can Affect Your Summer Lash Retention?

When wearing lash extensions in hot weather, it’s important to get familiar with the behavior of lash glue, which can be affected by summer’s high temperatures and humidity. Here’s how it can impact retention:

Summer Lash Retention Tips You Must Know

Summer Lash Retention Tips You Must Know

To make sure that your summer lashes stay on point, follow these expert-recommended tips for lash retention in summer:

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You’ll be able to “get up and go” with minimal or no additional makeup, embracing a carefree and stunning look. After your treatment, please share your experience below and let us see how lash extensions helped you achieve your summer lash goals!


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