Long, thick, curly eyelashes add drama to your dreamy eyes. But not all are blessed with naturally thick and curly eyelashes. So, how do you get voluminous natural eyelashes? The answer is very simple: go for natural lash extensions.

But with so many lash extensions available in the market, how do you choose one that looks best with your eyes? Below, we have covered a few key points to help you decide.

Finding the Perfect Natural Lash Extension: Why Eyelash Extension Sizes Are Not a One-Fit Solution For All?

When it comes to finding the perfect natural lash extension, it’s important to understand that not all sizes fit everyone. Each individual has their own unique style and preference when it comes to lash extensions. 

Are you looking for a dreamy, sleepy, flashy, classy, natural, or subtle look? Additionally, you must consider your eye shape and size. Do you have small, medium, or big eyes? Are they monolid, protruded, almond-shaped, or wide-set?

Understanding these factors will greatly help in determining the most suitable lash extensions for you. It’s equally important to assess the characteristics of your natural lashes. 

Are they thin or thick, short or long? Even your eye color can play a significant role in deciding the type of lashes length and curl that will best enhance your features. By considering all these aspects, you can achieve the perfect lash extensions tailored to your unique needs and preferences.


We all know that the perfect eyelashes should be long. But how long is it just enough? Determining an eyelash extension length is essential. The standard size for short lashes is 6-11mm, the medium is 10mm-14mm, and the long is 14-22 mm. 

Natural lashes length measures between 3mm to 18mm. If you want to wear a lash extensions length that is longer than your eyelash length, ensure the extension is thin so that it does not hinder the lashes’ growth.


The thickness gives volume to the lashes. It is said that the thickness for the most natural look lashes is .15mm. So, opt for this thickness of natural lash extension to sport the ‘perfect eyelashes look.’ But if your natural lashes are thin, it can handle a thickness of .10 mm extension at the most. 

Consult with a professional lash extension service provider to determine what lash sizes and thickness works best for you. That’s because if you choose a thickness that is drastically different from your natural thickness, it may affect the lash growth.


Just as lash extensions length and thickness are essential, so is curl. The basic curl lash sizes are B, C, D, and L, while for more volume, go for curl sizes like B+, C+, CC, D+, and DD. It is easy to remember because the higher the letter is, the more profound the curl is. So, if you want to go for wide-open sleepy eyes look, go for L. 

Choosing the material:

Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding The Perfect Length, Curl, And Thickness

Did we tell you that you need to choose the lash extension material? The standard choices are between mink, silk, synthetic and faux mink. Each has a different price and appearance too.

Hey but do not worry, our Wisp Lashes artists will help you understand each type as per the eyelash sizes and thickness and which one will work best for you. 

Different types of lash extensions:

Different types of lash extensions

1. Volume Eyelash Extensions:

Volume eyelash extension is designed to provide full volume to your lashes, but without damaging or overloading your natural healthy lashes. This innovative technique has gained a lot of popularity for its stunning results that it gives to one’s appearance and also for the longevity of having healthy lashes that look and feel natural. 

The 3D Volume lashes are generally made of silk or mink. And are incredibly light weight, as it is applied by the ration between 2-7 per natural lash to create the required volume. Due to its lightweight, it lasts longer thereby making it an ideal choice for clients who have sparse and weak lashes and want to sport more fullness to their lash look.

2. Classic Eyelash Extensions:

Classic extensions are the most reliable, pretty, and natural-looking extensions. They are perfect for clients who want to sport a simple and subtle eye enhancement for an everyday look. Classic lashes are applied in a 1:1 ration, as in one lash per natural lash. Classic can be applied to give your lashes a reasonably thick look, but depending upon how many natural lashes do we have to work with. 

3. Customized Lashes:

Since each customer has different requirements and tastes, Wisp Lashes artists offer customized lash maps depending on your original eyelashes and lash extensions sizes so that the natural lash extension blends well with them. Customized eyelash extensions are unique to each customer because they are designed just for you. 

Caring for Lash Extensions Length:

Lastly, it is important to show some TLC to your natural lashes and pay attention to the lash extensions length to maintain their health. The application of lash extensions may involve some tugging and pulling, which can weaken your natural lashes and lead to breakage and loss. To prevent this, experts suggest wearing lash extensions in intervals, allowing your original lashes to grow and stay healthy.

By being mindful of the lashes length and opting for appropriate extensions, you can minimize the strain on your natural lashes and promote their overall well-being. This will help ensure that your lashes remain strong and beautiful, boosting your overall appearance.

Achieve Natural Beauty with Lash Extensions Choosing Optimal Lashes Length and Thickness

When lash extensions seamlessly blend with the natural lashes length and thickness, they have the power to enhance your appearance, making your eyes prominent and charismatic. However, finding a lash extension service that can help you achieve the most natural look can be a daunting task. And we know you would also want to avoid a result that appears artificial, resembling doll-like eyelashes.

For professional service, search for lash extensions near me and you will find Wisp Lashes. We specialize in providing expert services or lash extension Knoxville, TN, that prioritize the perfect balance between length, volume, and natural beauty. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to helping you achieve the desired look while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. Trust us for a professional and transformative lash extension experience!