If the eyes are windows to the soul, then this Valentine’s day, you’ve got to give some effort in making them (eyes) look alluring.

You might instantly think of investing in a brilliant pair of turquoise or brown contact lenses, and some of you might go for an exotic colored liner. Some will lift a whole eye makeup kit for the special day, and all these are just fine. But have you considered dramatizing your eyelashes?

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Self-Partnered or Partnered

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-term partner or recently got-along, self-partnered or flying solo, as long as it is Valentine’s Day, you ought to look sizzling, girl! So this year, whether you wait for Cupid’s arrow, or have already been hit by one, make sure your eyes do the talking, that your lips, perhaps, won’t be able to do as elegantly.

Lush, thick and a voluminous line of lashes look appealing no matter what. They are one of the simplest, yet dramatic transformations you can give to your looks. They highlight your eyes, arguably the most expressive part of your face, and infused sparkling energy in your aura. And all these minus the hassles of applying a false strip liner.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift To Give To Your Love Of Life

If your girl has been repeatedly loitering around the webpage of a Professional Lash Extension service provider, then she’s legit got her eyes on it. Why not give her an appointment at Wisp Lashes, to make her dream look come true this season of love?

For men looking to give their women a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll truly cherish, an appointment to Wisp Lashes would be the best. Because eyelash extension will give her the dreamy look she has thought of. No-fuss of spending hours tending the lashes with curlers, mascara, and stuff. Furthermore, she’ll spend some relaxing time at the salon, while the professionals do their magic on the lash line.

Wisp Lashes Can Make You Look Good With Every Blink!

perfect lashes

As the day of celebrating love nears, get ready to blow literal charm on your lover’s face with long and a fuller-looking lash line. At Wisp Lashes, you get a high-quality eyelash extension service in the US.

A line of thick and professionally extended lashes gives you the solid base of natural beauty, which you can further drag to looking striking with appropriate makeup. Step out confidently every time. No fear of the strip coming off. With Wisp Lashes, you get to harness your simplistic glamour, thanks to the professionally applied synthetic mink eyelashes, and look good every time you blink your eyes. Yes, it is that effective.

This Valentines Day, Choose from carefully selected packages of eyelash extension- classic and Voluminous Lash Extension. Both are great options and differ in terms of degrees of length, fullness and overall appearance.

Wisp Lashes offers the best lash extension service in Austin and Knoxville delivered by the best professionals. Gift yourself a look-overhaul, or get treated by your husband or partner, either way, you open your eyes to an enhanced you.

The Classic Lash Set

Choose this classic lash set from Wisp Lashes for a beautifully balanced yet strikingly elegant all-time mascara look. The time-tested 1:1 eyelash application ratio (meaning for every natural lash, the professional will apply one synthetic lash) gives you the look to play with different styles. This Valentine’s Day gets out confidently, knowing you’re looking great effortlessly.

Why Get The Classic Set?

If you have a fairly good set of natural lashes, donning the Classic Lash Extension will further enhance your natural look. It’s one heck of a way to effortless beauty. This is more natural-looking and less on the drama side, giving you a very subtle but visible change.

The Volume Lash Set

If you’re ready to rock a dramatic look, then this option is for you. For every natural lash, professionals will adhere to a set of custom made fans of synthetic lashes to give your lash line that is lengthy, lush and over-full looks. Each fan can have 3-5 lashes.

Why Get The Volume Set?

If you feel you miss the volume you’d deserve, then this package is for you. It will add the obvious volume and make your lash line look fluffier and more dramatic. Also, if you have a fairly good line of natural lashes, yet want to boost the same, this could take you to your dream look.

Why Lash Extension For Valentine’s Day?

One generic step taken by millions of women worldwide to enhance their looks for special occasions is going with false lashes. A finely made strip of synthetic eyelashes is easily glued near the natural lash line to dramatize the look.

Taking the step further, going for an Eyelash Extension will give you the same results better manifolds. No worries of opening and preserving like the falsies. No need to coat layers of mascara. And they’ll last weeks if taken proper care. Plus, they won’t look disturbingly unnatural, as it tends to look with falsies.

“Lashes make your eyes pop, and actually help breath life into an otherwise tired face,” says lash expert Skyy Hadley speaking to media outlet Refinery29. “One of biggest pros of eyelash extensions is you never have to wear mascara ever again,” she adds.

So that said, undergoing an eyelash extension service from a professional parlor will make you Valentine’s Day-ready in hours, the results of which will last for weeks. They’re easy to haul, meaning you won’t feel uncomfortable for a long time like you’d in case of strip eyelashes.