Do you want to enhance your natural lashes and draw more attention to your eyes? Do you want to add some volume to your natural lashes for a full-on glam look? Thanks to the latest beauty trends, we are blessed with lash extensions that can take your look to a whole new level.

Eyelash extensions involve placing synthetic lashes above your natural lashes using a lashing adhesive. A professional eyelash extensions artist, with the best application techniques and products, will apply for the extensions carefully depending on your eye shape, lash health, and the style you opt for.

To keep your lashes looking fabulous for as long as possible, you need to practice proper after-care techniques. Our lash experts here at Wisp Lashes have put together a comprehensive guide to walk you through the after-care process.

Why is aftercare important?

Why is aftercare important

Considering the beauty benefits of eyelash extensions, you just can’t deny that they are a good investment. Like you would take care of all your other assets, eyelash extensions require maintenance. Diligent aftercare can prevent eye infections, keep your lashes healthy, and will keep your extensions looking as fab as ever.

Lash Guide for the first 24 – 48 Hrs

Lash Guide for the first 24 - 48 Hrs

The first thing your lash artist will recommend after your lash appointment is to not get your lash extensions wet for 24 – 48 hours as it can affect lash retention. A chemical reaction, forming polymer chains, is initiated when the moisture in the air reacts with the glue. This reaction causes the lash glue to cure, binding the extensions onto the natural lashes. However, excess moisture shocks the glue into curing more rapidly, weakening the bond, and affecting retention.  Getting them wet too quickly will add too much moisture, causing your lash extensions to fall out prematurely.

So if you want your lashes to last long as possible this is what you must NOT do in the first 24-48 hours:

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Lash Care Between Fills

Lash Care Between Fills

Once the first 24-48 hours are over, you still need to follow different after-care procedures. Here are a few tips to keep your faux flutterers in tip-top shape longer between refills:

Oil is a natural enemy of your extensions as it breaks down the glue that holds up the lashes. According to professional lash artists, clients must avoid oil-based cleansers, moisturizers, wipes, eye creams, make-up products, and makeup removers with volume or classic eyelash extensions.

Our most loved ultra-rich eye creams won’t work with lash extensions as the emollients will have a similar effect on the lash glue as the oil cleansers, shortening the lifespan of your beloved beauties. While you enjoy flaunting the glam, big-eyed, fluttery look with lash extensions, investigate some gel alternatives to eye cream for better retention.

It might take some time to get comfortable with your lash extensions, but at no cost can you pull or rub your lash extensions. Tugging or pulling on your lash extensions will not only affect the adhesion area, causing them to shed earlier but will also damage your follicles, affecting the growth of your natural lashes.

You have to resist that urge to fiddle with your lashes throughout the day or while cleansing. Chronic eye rubbers have to curb this habit if they want their lash extensions to stay beautiful for longer. Friction can increase the rate of lash shedding, making you pay extra costs during your refill session. 

Side or tummy sleepers will have to change their sleeping habit with classic or volume eyelash extensions as they might crush their lashes. Additionally, your extensions might get entangled in the pillow fibers pulling them out. To keep them lasting longer, it is best to sleep on your back instead and use silk pillow covers instead of cotton.

Silk pillowcases are a fantastic idea as they help to avoid the pulling and snagging caused by the fibers in traditional cotton pillowcases. They are not only great for the health of your extensions but also help to reduce frizzy hair and face wrinkles. 

Alternatively, lash-specific sleep masks that are made of silk can give extra resting space in the eye area for your lashes, giving them extra protection. And you will be blessed as they block out 100% light, giving you undisturbed beauty sleep that will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

In between refills, you need to regularly clean your eyelash extensions with a lash-safe cleanser to keep them away from oils, debris, and remnants of make-up. Once the glue cures well after the first 48 hours, you need to follow the beauty regime of keeping the lashes clean to avoid nasty infections around the eyes. Eye infections may further lead to soreness, redness, and itchy eyes increasing your discomfort. So don’t forget to keep your lashes sparkling clean to prolong the life of your lash extensions.

Cleansing does not end by only washing the lashes with a cleanser, but you need to invest in a soft bristle brush or lash wand to gently brush them back. This will help to detangle your lashes and keep them looking great once you rinse your eyes with fresh water.

A spoolie wand is much like a mascara brush, and it helps in separating the lashes that tend to cross over as time progresses. Close your eyes and use the spoolie wand to remove excess water and straighten your extensions, making them look well-defined and aligned. Using a spoolie wand will eliminate the need to fuss around or play with your extensions, keeping them intact for a longer period of time.

The big question! Is wearing makeup ideal for extensions? Lash extensions allow you to wake up each morning feeling lash-ready for the day as the barbie-doll-eyed look eliminates the need to wear typical eye-enhancing makeup.

As mentioned earlier, a regular lash connoisseur can’t use oil-based products, including makeup on the face to preserve the adhesion of your extensions. If you can’t ditch applying mascara, then you can only apply one coat of water-based mascara (different from waterproof) carefully to the tips otherwise it can clump your extensions. 

Similarly, brow and lash extension experts strictly advise against using waterproof eye makeup as it’s tough to remove it. You will either need to use an oil-based makeup remover (which is a big no-no) or vigorously rub off the makeup if you wish to remove it. So while you struggle to remove the stubborn makeup, you may accidentally pull out your lashes prematurely. 

It is natural for some makeup to collect at the base of the extensions. To clean makeup off without harming your extensions, a cotton bud dipped in oil-free micellar water or makeup remover must be used to wipe makeup around the eyes. Using disposable cotton buds is recommended to avoid passing underlying infections from one eye to the next. Makeup wipes can work well but they need to be lash-friendly. Avoid any products containing substances such as PEG, hexylene glycol, butylene, or propylene glycol as they can break the lash bonding.

Lash aftercare for lasting lashes

Lash aftercare for lasting lashes

Although the lash cycle may get dodgy due to weather or negligence in aftercare, don’t be alarmed if you see a couple of lashes every day. When your natural lash life cycle ends, making your lashes fall, your classic set eyelash extensions that are attached to your natural lashes will fall with them. 

Consistency is the key to making the life of your extensions get better and better. For better retention, you need to visit talented lashing professionals who will apply good quality extensions proficiently. Poor application techniques can increase the chances of premature shedding of extensions. 

Abiding by the do’s and don’t mention above is crucial for lash retention, but sticking with your refill appointments (usually 2-3 weeks), depending on your lash shedding cycle and the health of your natural lashes, will help you maintain a full, luscious lash line that will boost your confidence.

It is a good idea to visit your lash salon for a refill after 50% of your lashes have shed. The longer you wait, the more your natural lashes will shed, creating more gaps in your lash line and overgrown lashes in other spots. If you postpone your lash refill session too long, a new full set may be required, which equals more time and money.


Despite the aftercare procedure, eyelash extensions are wonderful and completely worth it. They look amazing and eliminate the need to wear mascara, and falsies and spend hours every morning in front of the mirror. They last for a prolonged period of time, giving you the red-carpet celebrity look of your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Wisp Lashes for a professional lash experience you’ve been dreaming about! Our lash experts will give you a completely customized look to suit your taste and style.