Eye Lashes though small are significant facial features as they act as protective curtains, and prevent the micro debris, sweat, dirt from entering the eyes. Other than that it is also an impactful feature of a women’s personality, that’s probably why over the year’s women have experimented with different techniques to doll them up- be it mascara, lash lift, tinting and in more recent times Eyelash Extensions. 

With the use of cosmetics or professional beauty service to make your lashes stand out, there are also a few natural ways to show some love to your lashes. Basic lash care is as important as your daily hair care routine. These tiny hair follicles above your eyes must be protected & taken care of by using safe products & resorting to lash care tips that can help one maintain their natural lashes effortlessly just like their hair.

Read on to learn a few Lash care tips that can add to your natural beauty & give you a more surreal look with lush & healthy lashes.

Exceptional ingredients for lash care.

Avoid using anything that contains parabens, phthalates & ethyl alcohol & resorts to the below best ingredients that can help in your lash hair growth & make them healthier.

Exceptional ingredients for lash care

Effective Nutritional diet for Eyelashes.

Essential eyelash care tips.

Natural Lashes

Eyelash Extension has become a common thing in today’s world, from makeup to fashion industry, even ordinary people prefer using extensions in everyday life to look more confident and enhance their overall appearance. However, the downside comes especially when application and removal are not done in a proper way. In case of falsies which are generally self-applied, must be carefully put and removed as you may pull your natural lashes or damage them if not done in a proper way.

In the case of Eyelash extension going to a professional lash bar is recommended. At Wisp Lashes we provide our valuable customer with proper service, guidance & all required Lash Extension Care Tips, so all you need to worry is the aftercare.

Whether you choose lash extensions or not, your eyelashes like the rest of your body deserve utmost care & love. Shower your lashes with all the love by gifting them a salon visit.