The popularity of eyelash extensions in the beauty circuits has been soaring high due to their natural look and glam. No matter how thick and voluminous your mascara formula is, you can’t achieve the same fluffy and luscious lashes as lash extensions. Eyelash extensions are renowned for giving the thickest, fluttering, and most perfectly curled clump-free lashes. And the icing on the cake is that you look like this 24/7!

If you want to keep looking gorgeous once you have your eyelash extensions done, you will have to follow the aftercare tips to the tee. When it comes to giving up messages, a part of the don’ts for those you have adorned the lash extensions, women tend to cringe. No one wishes to give up on this relaxing treatment, but they neither want to ruin their lovely lashes.

Eyelash Extensions

Having a massage where you have to lay down on your back is perfectly fine as nothing would hinder the lashes. Caution: No rubbing, pulling, or applying pressure on the lashes. But when it comes to massages where you need to lay face down, there are a few precautions you need to follow.

Learn to keep your eyelash extensions safe while getting a massage! 

How does lying face down on the massage bed impact your eyelash extensions?

Whether volume or classic set eyelash extension, the lash artist uses the lash glue to adhere the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. When lying face down, the weight of the head exerts pressure on the eyelashes. It exerts a pull on the extensions causing them to shift from their original position. The constant pressure exerted by the head on the eyelash extensions causes the accelerated shedding of the lashes. In addition to this, the added pressure might alter the curl of the lash extensions.

classic set eyelash extension

How to position the face cradle on a massage bed with eyelash extensions?

Depending on the type of massage, different massage beds have varying mechanisms. But, one thing is common for all of them; they allow altering the position of the face cradle with an adjustment lever. A face cradle is a specialized device attached to the headpiece of a massage bed. It accommodates the client’s face allowing them to rest their head when lying stomach-down on the bed.

massage bed with eyelash extensions

For those who opt for massage treatments with eyelash extensions, the face cradle must be positioned at an appropriate angle so that the head’s weight is evenly distributed across the forehead and the side of the head. The critical thing to remember here is that when you open or close your eyes, the lashes should not touch the fabric of the massage bed.

How to maximize your comfort?

Take a large towel having 2-3 inches width that stretches around the person’s head and face. Roll the towel, gently tying it around the face, tucking the long end under it. Ensure that the forehead takes the maximum weight of the head while resting the face on the towel. You should be able to open and shut your eyes freely without feeling any pressure.

How to maximize your comfort

Today’s stressful lifestyle demands some mode to rejuvenate and refresh our body and mind. Getting a massage works wonders in de-stressing and removing toxins from our bodies. It improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, thus enhancing the quality of life. There is no doubt that eyelash extensions make you look gorgeous, but you need to be cautious about their upkeep. 


Follow these tips from Wisp Lashes to keep your classic or volume lashes intact and enjoy your massage to the hilt. To maintain your eyelash extensions for a long time, avoid pressure or friction on them. It is also important to protect your eyelashes from steam, oil, or other products that may affect lash bonding.  Besides these tips, when you visit a lash artist for the first time, they will give you a pre-counseling session through all the dos and don’ts of lash extensions.