Eyelash extensions are taking the world of beauty by storm. They help to give you a volumized look that makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Lash extensions enhance your natural beauty and can cut back the time you spend on your daily makeup routine.

These extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes (PBT) customized to add an extra layer of volume. They are similar to synthetic lashes and are applied seamlessly to your natural lashes using adhesive glue.

One of the remarkable features of lash extensions is their ability to maintain a natural curl. Your lash specialist can tailor your lashes to you. You can custom create a more pronounced curl for your classic or volume lash extensions if you’d like a more dramatic look.

Over the years, many clients have asked the common question, “Can you curl eyelash extensions?” In response, Wisp Lashes has decided to address this query in a detailed blog post. Without further ado, dive into the topic and explore the possibilities of curling eyelash extensions.

Can you curl lash extensions? Discover the Truth with Wisp Lashes!

Thinking about curling lash extensions? It is important to understand that you cannot curl the extensions themselves.

But wait, you can use a heated curler to curl your natural lashes to match the contour of the extensions. 

Synthetic lash extensions are designed with a predetermined curl that cannot be altered. The primary purpose of using an eyelash curler while wearing extensions is to curl your natural lashes, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the extensions. 

We advise you to avoid attempting to curl the extensions directly, as this can cause damage.

The reason?

Most synthetic lash extensions are made from PBT, a thermoplastic fiber, and their permanent curls are achieved through a complex process using specialized tools and precise heat. This process cannot be replicated at home, especially after the extensions are applied to your natural lashes.

With this in mind, let’s explore the process of curling your natural lashes while wearing extensions.

Can you curl eyelash extensions using a mechanical curler?

Mechanical Curler

Traditional mechanical curlers are too harsh for your extensions. They are metallic tools infused with rubber or silicone pads. Using the improper tool on your extensions can lead to damage and even infection. If your curler is heated, you run the risk of interfering with the adhesive glue. 

If the pads are worn down or dull, you could accidentally remove your extensions. No matter how expensive or high-quality your curling tool may be, you always run the risk of damage as they tend to tug and pull at your extensions.

What’s the solution? Try Heated Eyelash Curlers!

If you do decide to curl eyelash extensions, heated lash curlers are the ideal choice. These specially designed electric curlers come with brushes that gently heat your lashes. They are perfect for creating long-lasting curls that can hold for several hours.

Unlike mechanical curlers, heated lash curlers work softly on your lashes without any pressing or pulling, making them a great option for delicate lash extensions and other fragile fibers.

Some heated curlers come with silicone heating pads that have a heating element on both sides. These curlers offer temperature control settings and are often equipped with LED lights for a better view.

The temperature you use depends on the volume, strength, and size of the lashes. Although heated lash curlers can be pricey, they are the safest way to curl your extensions.

How to use a Heated Eyelash Curler?

lash wand

What Happens to Eyelash Extension Curls? Do They Really Loose Their Curl?

If you find yourself thinking why your lash extensions appeared stunning in the salon but lost their curls within days of being at home, it’s possible that your lifestyle is to blame.

Proper after-care is essential for maintaining the longevity of your lash extensions. They are meant to last for a minimum of one month, provided they are well taken care of.

Various factors can contribute to lash extensions losing their curl, and to help you avoid these issues, we have outlined a few reasons below.

Following the do’s and don’ts of maintaining your lash extensions is crucial to having long-lasting extensions. These tips will ensure that you get the absolute most out of your investment.     

Should You Get a Lash Lift or Perm with Eyelash Extensions?

Lash perming is very similar to perming your hair. Your natural lashes are permanently curled using specific tools and chemical solutions to hold the shape. 

Lash Lift or Perm with Eyelash Extensions

When the chemical perming solution comes into contact with your lash adhesive, an adverse reaction occurs. We advise against lash lifts and perms while you have extensions as they can cause premature shedding.


At Wisp Lashes, lash extension curls are designed to last longer. Our experienced lash specialists can tailor your extensions specifically to your style and preference. 

Curling your lash extensions at home can decrease the longevity of your investment and cause damage to not only your extensions but natural lashes.

Choosing to apply a more voluminous and pronounced curl lash at your appointment time and implementing the proper after-care can help to ensure that your curl holds until your next appointment. Hop on our website to get flawless lash extensions that will naturally hold curls for long!