Lash extensions work their magic by enhancing the length and thickness of your natural lashes, giving them a fuller and thicker appearance. The right choice of extensions can help you feel gorgeous and take away the need for makeup application. However, what if a client prefers eyelash extensions that are more subtle and not overly long or dramatic?

It may surprise lash artists worldwide, but not every client desires an extravagant lash look. Surprisingly, this is more common than one might think. So, when a client expresses the desire for natural-looking lash extensions, it’s crucial to know precisely how to deliver them. At Wisp Lashes, one of the most valuable skills we focus on is the ability to craft super natural lash extensions that perfectly match our clients’ desires.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to achieve a natural look for clients who prefer it.

Vital Ingredients for Achieving Natural Extension Lashes

Whether your client’s heart is set on a look that screams “au naturel” or not, certain fundamental elements should always be on your lash extensions checklist. We’re talking about the CLD – Curl, Length, and Diameter – the building blocks of lash perfection. But that’s not all; the material your lash extensions are crafted from plays a starring role in the final act.

Now, let’s dive into each of these game-changers, so you’re armed with the knowledge to leave your clients awestruck by the sheer natural beauty of their lash extensions.

Curl Sensation

When it comes to lash curls, you’ve got to curl like you mean it. And let’s face it, D and C curls are not the heroes of the natural lash game. Contrastingly, they are like the rock stars of lash extensions, ready to steal the spotlight with drama and flair.

So when the quest is a soft, natural allure lash pros at lash extensions near me turn to the faithful B Curl lash extensions. These curls are your trusty sidekicks for achieving an effortless, “born with it” vibe. The goal here is to mimic your client’s natural lash curl. Anything curlier might give away the secret!

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Dive into Diameter

Dive into Diameters

When chasing that natural vibe, choose a lash diameter that’s as effortless as a Sunday morning. How to do that? We’ve got you covered. Sync up the extension’s diameter with your client’s natural lash thickness.

For those with delicate, wispy lashes, go for a slender 0.10 or 0.15mm extension. It’s like adding the perfect seasoning to a dish, just enough to enhance the flavor. But if your client boasts strong, robust natural lashes, a slightly plumper 0.20mm extension (not more) can be the secret ingredient.

Here’s a pro tip: Even if your client flaunts those bold lashes, remember, nature’s lashes are around 0.15mm in diameter. So, avoid anything in the realms of 0.18mm or 0.20mm because subtlety is the name of the game. Natural lashes are like whispers, not bold declarations!

Lash Length

When it comes to choosing the length of lash extensions, two factors come into play: your client’s natural lash length and their eye shape. Talking about lash length, in the realm of natural looks, there is no point chasing after those elusive 15mm natural lashes (because who has those, right?). Instead, opting for lengths that stay under the 12mm mark, depending on your client’s original lash length is the secret to crafting effortlessly natural lash extensions.

Some lash technicians stick to lash extensions that are just about 2mm longer than your client’s own lashes to create a subtle lash look. This strategy strikes the perfect balance, offering a subtle enhancement that avoids an overdone or artificial appearance.

Material Magic

Creating the perfect natural-looking eyelash extensions involves several key factors, with the material being the last one. We really like using faux mink lashes at Wisp Lashes, but silk and synthetic options can also give a natural look. The key is to stick to the CLD basics to achieve the lash look your client desires.

Get Creative With Lash Design

Embrace the art of lash mapping, a savvy technique to craft a bespoke lash style that’s as unique as your client. By thoughtfully plotting the placement of every lash extension, you’re not just enhancing their natural beauty, but also sculpting a look that harmonizes flawlessly with their eye shape. It’s like custom tailoring for your lashes, resulting in a stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

By finding the right balance of these factors, you can provide your client with the look they want. Remember, if you opt for more curl, go for shorter and thinner lashes, and if you choose more length, opt for less curl and thickness.

Now, after selecting the ideal lashes for your client, you face the decision of whether to use classic or volume lashes.

The Real Drama: Classic Lashes Vs Volume Eyelash Extensions

The Real Drama Classic Lashes Vs Volume Eyelash Extensions

Yes, it’s possible to create natural-looking volume lashes. Just remember the CLD, especially the diameter ranging from .03mm to .10mm for volume lashes. For a natural look with volume fans, keep the fans smaller, with less than five lashes per fan. While natural classic lashes are a safe choice, consider adding some spice by offering a natural-looking volume set.

You might even explore a hybrid style, blending classic set eyelash extensions and volume for a natural appearance. Hybrid lashes are efficient and can save time while providing your clients with beautiful natural lashes.

When it comes to choosing the eyelash extension style and pattern, you have plenty of options. Just keep in mind that natural lashes are shorter towards the inner and outer corners and vary in length. By remembering these two factors, you can design a great natural look.

Guiding Clients Towards the Perfect Natural Set Lash Extensions

New clients might need to figure out exactly what to request for a natural eyelash extension look. To help them prepare, offer these tips:

Perfecting the Natural Look with Professional Eyelash Extension Services from Wisp Lashes

Not all clients seeking lash extensions desire a red carpet dramatic and glamorous look. For optimum client satisfaction, it’s essential for lash artists to master the art of creating natural-looking lash extensions when requested by clients. Along with giving your clients their desired lash look, you need to consider tips for better eyelash extension bonding retention. You definitely want happy clients coming back through your doors!

Wisp Lashes treats each client differently providing them with a unique and satisfying experience. Our lash experts have the expertise to nail the desired lash look, considering each client’s unique eye size, natural lashes, and shape.

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