Are you tired of dealing with mascara smudges on your glasses? Are you wondering if wearing lash extensions while sporting your favorite frames is possible? Well, you’re in luck! Eyelash extensions can offer even more benefits to eyeglass wearers, addressing problems women face when wearing glasses.

So, don’t let your glasses hold you back from achieving fabulous lashes. Embrace the convenience and beauty of eyelash extensions, and enjoy the enhanced look they bring to your eyes, whether you’re wearing glasses or not.

Can You Wear Glasses With Eyelash Extensions?

Don’t let the fact that you wear glasses stop you from rocking fabulous eyelashes and embracing your beauty routine! Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style.

Sure, wearing long eyelashes with glasses can be tricky. They might end up scratching your lenses and causing frustration whenever you blink. But here’s the thing—it’s all about trial and error!

You won’t know if it works for you unless you try it. And that’s where eyelash extensions come to the rescue, offering even more benefits to eyeglass wearers.

Are you tired of mascara smudging on your lenses?
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Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular for a reason. They provide an affordable and hassle-free way to enhance your eyes. And yes, even if you wear glasses, you can absolutely wear eyelash extensions. The key is to customize the design according to your needs.

Remember to bring your glasses with you when you go for your lash appointment. This way, your lash artist can assess the distance between your face and the frames and create a customized set of shorter and curlier extensions that won’t interfere with your glasses.

No matter what kind of lash application you’re drawn to—classic, hybrid, volume, or mega volume—don’t let your glasses hold you back from achieving your desired look. We believe every lash style can be tailored to complement your glasses and mesmerize your eyes.

If you’re unsure about getting lash extensions but still want to elevate your lash game while wearing glasses, there’s another fantastic option: a lash lift and tint. This dynamic duo enhances your natural lashes, making them stand out even behind your trendy frames. Your lashes are beautifully curled with a lash lift, creating a stunning and open-eyed effect. And with a tint, your lashes are given a luscious, dark color that adds depth and intensity to your gaze.

So, whether you’re ready to dive into lash extensions or prefer the subtle yet impactful lift and tint, lash extensions in Knoxville, TN, are here to make it work with your glasses. Embrace the possibilities, unleash your inner confidence, and let your eyes shine with every blink. Your lash goals are within reach, glasses and all!

What Lash Extension Length & Curl to Use With Glasses?

What Lash Extension Length & Curl to Use With Glasses

When it comes to wearing glasses with eyelash extensions, there are a few considerations to remember. The general rule of thumb is to extend the natural lash by 1 to 2 mm, allowing enough room for the eyelashes to blink without touching the glasses lens.

For example, suppose your natural lash is 11 mm long. In that case, you can use an 11 mm or 12 mm extension, considering the space between the natural lash and the extension application point (generally about 1 mm).

The placement of the lash extensions is also crucial. Extensions in the middle of the eyes are more likely to hit your glasses frame. A skilled lash stylist from lash extensions Knoxville, TN, will take this into account and customize a look that meets your desires while considering the interaction with your glasses.

The curl of the extensions is another factor to consider. The curlier the extension, the less likely it is to touch your glasses. So, if you wear glasses, opt for C or D curls instead of J or B curls. The curl type can make a noticeable difference in achieving an open-eyed look with lashes that can freely blink without interference.

Now, let’s explore some different types of false eyelashes that work well with glasses:

  1. Accent lashes: These lashes are applied only on the outer corners, allowing you to customize your look without being restricted by your lenses. They can range from natural to dramatic styles, ensuring flawless eyes throughout the day.
  2. Individual short lashes: If you want a fuller look without the commitment of a strip lash, individual short lashes are a great option. They fill in gaps in your natural lashes and allow you to create your style. The shorter length minimizes the risk of lashes touching your glasses.
  3. Individual eyelash extensions: Although more complex and time-consuming, individual eyelash extensions offer the most flexibility. You can achieve a natural look with minimal interference from your glasses by strategically applying fake lashes to fill gaps.
  4. Strip lashes: Strip lashes are easy to apply and a good choice for regular lash extension wearers. They offer various styles and colors, allowing you to find a comfortable fit that works well with your glasses.
  5. Fine blend lashes: These lashes come in various styles, perfect for expressing your creativity and personality. If you prefer a natural look, there are thinner blending lashes that add length, volume, and style without compromising your glasses.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult a lash stylist who can guide you based on your specific needs and preferences. 

How to Wear Glasses With Lash Extensions?

How to Wear Glasses With Lash Extensions

When it comes to wearing glasses with lash extensions, one crucial thing to remember—is the placement of your glasses on the bridge of your nose.

To avoid any potential interference with your lash extensions, it’s crucial not to position your glasses too close to your lash line. Avoiding interference is where bringing your frames to your lash appointment becomes beneficial. By having your glasses with you, your lash artist can assess the distance between your natural lashes and the frames, ensuring a perfect fit.

Once you have your extensions and glasses ready to go, make it a habit to consistently wear your glasses at the same spot on the bridge of your nose. This positioning will help maintain a safe distance between your lashes and your glasses, reducing their chances of rubbing against each other.

So, remember to find that sweet spot on your nose for your glasses, allowing your lash extensions to shine and your glasses to sit comfortably. The proper placement will enable you to enjoy stunning lashes and clear vision without any unwanted friction.


Wearing glasses shouldn’t deter you from trying eyelash extensions. You can find the perfect lashes that complement your glasses with proper communication and collaboration with your stylist. Consider factors like lash weight and thickness to ensure a comfortable fit. Opting for lashes with a natural curl can minimize interference with your glasses. 

Don’t let the idea of wearing glasses discourage you from getting lash extensions. Embrace the world of lash extensions with Wisp Lashes and allow yourself to experience the pleasures, beauty, and convenience they offer while rocking your stylish glasses.


Q: Will glasses hide my eyelash extensions?

A: No, your eyelash extensions will still be visible even when you wear glasses. The enhanced curls used in the extensions can make your eyes appear more open and accentuate your lashes.

Q: What types of glasses can I wear with eyelash extensions?

A: You can wear any style of glasses or sunglasses with your lash extensions. Your lash stylist will customize the extensions to ensure they don’t interfere with your frames and provide a comfortable fit.

Q: Will wearing glasses with eyelash extensions cause my lashes to fall out faster?

A: Wearing glasses won’t affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions as long as there is no friction between the extensions and the frames. Proper placement and care allow you to enjoy your lash extensions without worrying about premature fallout.