Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! You may be struggling to decide what to get your special someone this year. Luckily, Wisp Lashes is here to make your gift-giving a breeze! By gifting your significant other a fabulous set of Professional eyelash extensions this year, you can do more than just put a smile on their face. Lash extensions help to enhance your natural beauty, giving your lashes a more luminous look and boosting your overall confidence.

How do you know if lash extensions are the perfect option for your partner? If your loved one has repeatedly been revisiting professional eyelash extension service websites, expressing interest in the service, weighing the pros and cons, then we know they’d be ecstatic to get this service done. The dramatic transformation that lash extensions can give will instantly infuse sparkling energy into her aura. So why not grab this opportunity and book an appointment at Wisp Lashes to make their dream come true? 

Just imagine how thrilled your loved ones will be when they receive a paid lash extension appointment at a plush salon for the look of their dreams! Your gift will not only give them an incredible look they’ve always wanted, but it will offer them a getaway to escape from the hassles of everyday life. They can relax in a plush environment and let our trusted professionals work their magic on their lash line. Don’t forget to do book in advance so they can rock their fabulous new lashes on your Valentine’s Day date.

Why Lash Extension For Valentine’s Day?

Most women worldwide follow one routine to enhance their looks for special occasions is using faux lashes. Our lash technicians will glue a finely made strip of synthetic eyelashes near the natural lash line to add boldness and volume to their look. Unlike faux eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied to each lash using permanent glue. This service allows you to save time as you won’t have to spend hours applying eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

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Eyelash Extensions will help enhance the result manifolds without the worry of preserving them like the falsies. Eyelash extensions can assist in giving an effortlessly chic look that makes the eyes pop. Lash extensions are far more comfortable than strip lashes, and the results last for weeks by following our proper aftercare routine. However, falsies can look unnatural, and there is a constant fear of the strip coming off, so eyelash extensions are inarguably more natural than their strip counterpart.

eyelash extension

Perfectly long and lush professionally extended lashes will uplift natural beauty, which can boost your overall confidence as this beauty enhancement is guaranteed to turn heads and grab all of the attention. In addition, eyelash extensions give you freedom from mascara and other types of eye makeup, which saves you the time and hassle of an everyday makeup routine!

This Valentines Day, carefully choose from our eyelash extension packages when booking an appointment for your loved one. Our options are great but differ in terms of length, fullness, and overall appeal. You can learn more about each type of extension by visiting our website!

Classic Lash Extensions

If your significant other is blessed with naturally long and healthy eyelashes, gifting the Classic Eyelash Extensions will help to enhance their natural look further. This effortless, long-lasting is an excellent option if you don’t want the extra drama of our volume lashes.

Why Lash Extension For Valentine’s Day?

Our classic eyelash extensions give a beautifully balanced yet exquisite look. We use the 1:1 eyelash application ratio; for every natural lash, the professional lash artist will apply one synthetic lash taking into account her natural lash length, strength, shape, and density. A classic lash set of eyelash extensions at Wisp Lashes will cost you only $175! Our pricing is incredibly affordable and is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Volume Lash Extensions

If your partner is ready to rock a fabulously voluminous look, then this is the best option for them! For every natural lash, professionals will adhere a hand-crafted volume fan of 2-6 lashes to each individual natural lash making the lash line look lengthy, lush, and voluminous. This look is excellent if your partner wants to add more drama or suffers from thinning or damaged lashes.

volume lashes

If your loved one is looking for a darker strip lash look than our classic eyelash extensions offer, then this package will be the perfect fit. Starting at only $220, volume lashes take boldness to the max. Unleash their inner bombshell and give her this excellent lash set so that they are feeling their absolute best this Valentine’s Day!


Your special someone deserves to look and feel their best every day! If you’re struggling to decide on what gift to purchase this Valentine’s Day, we recommend booking your loved one an appointment to get a fabulous set of eyelash extensions! There are very few gifts that can match up to a perfectly-applied set of eyelash extensions. Since they have been introduced to the market, their popularity has never taken a back seat

So what are you waiting for? Head to our website and book your significant other an appointment to get a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions at Wisp Lashes! Our technicians will help enhance your loved one’s natural beauty and give her a look she needs to feel fabulous! So give us a call today to make this Valentine’s Day special!