Wedding season is arguably one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. While for some it signifies stepping into a new phase of life, it is also a chance for the bride, wedding party, and wedding guests alike, to look their very best. Every woman dreams of looking like a beautiful angel on her wedding day. Part of the complete bridal package is paying attention to every little detail, one small but impactful detail is…eyelashes!

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful feature to enhance the overall look of the eyes. Some brides choose to begin getting bridal eyelash extensions as soon as they are engaged. They want to have effortless and beautiful eyelash extensions for all of the wedding events like engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the wedding day, and beyond into the honeymoon.

The great thing about getting eyelash extensions prior to the wedding day is that brides will have the opportunity to get used to living with eyelash extensions before their wedding day. Eyelash Extensions are individually applied synthetic eyelashes, meant to look and feel just like the original eyelashes.

They are applied by trained lash artists, individually, at the base of natural eyelashes. Wisp Lashes offers a great variety of wedding eyelash extensions at reasonable prices. Choosing eyelash extensions during wedding season has numerous advantages, including those listed below.

The Advantages of Eyelash Extensions for Your Wedding Season

1. A “wow” factor

Eyelash Extensions knoxville

2. Saves time during day-of makeup application

Eyelash Extensions

3. Customized for each client

Because every client has different desires from eyelashes extensions, each eyelash extension appointment at Wisp Lashes begins with a consultation between the Lash Artist and the client. The Lash Artist will ask the client to show them pictures of what the client wants their eyelashes to look like at the end of the appointment. This allows the Lash Artist to more clearly understand exactly what the client desires.

Wisp Lashes carries many different lengths, widths, and curls of artificial eyelash extensions. In addition to these variations, choosing between classic lashes, hybrid lashes, and volume lashes allows for further customization of each full set. After the Lash Artist understands what the client desires, they will determine the best length, weight, curl, and shape of eyelashes to apply.

This in-dept consultation allows ensures that both the Lash Artist and the client understand the goals of the appointment. More often than not, Lash Artists will recommend hybrid or volume lashes for brides and members of a bridal party. The ensures that the lashes complement bridal makeup and have maximum effect for bridal portraits.

4. Maintaining the skin around the eyes


Application of eyelash extensions is something which requires intensive planning, care, maintenance and caution. Ladies should first do ample research on the entire process, the pros and cons of it, before eventually taking the final decision of whether to move ahead with the process or not. While the eyelash extensions are sure to add on to your beauty, there are certain aspects you need to pay attention to and take care of before applying those extensions on your lashes. Special attention should be given to the place chosen for the execution of the procedure. Be it getting the eyelash extension in Knoxville or getting the eyelash extension in Knoxville or any other place, ladies should be careful to take appropriate precautions while deciding to get the eyelash extensions done and achieve that perfect look for their special night and make it a memorable one for self for a lifetime.