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At Wisp Lashes, lashes and brows are our kind of our thing. Our brow experts provide eyebrow shaping and structure to polish off the focal point of the face: the eyebrows

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A look behind our lashes

Eyebrow shaping is the art of adding shape and structure to eyebrows through gentle waxing and tweezing of the eyebrows. Wisp Lashes brow experts will map the perfect arch and thickness of your brow based on your eye shape and bone structure.


Customized brow shaping

Brow Experts and Wisp Lashes will discuss your desired brow look before applying any wax or shaping. After the consultation, the Brow Expert will determine the perfect arch and thickness of brow. Then, they will gently apply wax to remove excess hair and reveal the initial shaping of the brow. Finally, the artist will tweeze remaining fine hairs to complete the shaping process.

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Who benefits from brow shaping

Everyone! Clients who do not have the time to mess with their brow upkeep or simply cannot determine the best shape for their bone structure benefit from an eyebrow shaping appointment at Wisp Lashes. Many clients are able to maintain their own shaping after 1-2 shaping appointments with a brow expert.

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Eyebrow waxing and shaping

Eyebrow Shaping is one of our favorite services to perform at Wisp Lashes. Eyebrows make such a huge impact on our overall appearance, and a very quick service can enhance each client’s natural beauty quickly! Our eyebrow shaping service utilizes waxing, tweezing, and brow filling to create the perfectly shaped brow for each client. Set your next eyebrow shaping appointment today! We can’t wait to meet you.

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