Women go bonkers craving for those natural long eyelashes! Why not? Fuller lashes add more definition making your eyes look gorgeous. For that wide-eyed appearance, many beauty conscious women resort to time-consuming practices of using falsies, eye curlers and mascara. Get rid of these! Nothing works as well as Eyelash Extensions to add lushness and natural elegance to make your eyes look gorgeous the minute you roll out of bed.

What are Lash Extensions?

lash extensions services

They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes, applied using a surgical glue by a trained technician on each of your natural lashes. To enhance the volume and give you flawless naturally looking lashes they are custom made to suit each client. You will have lashes that are water-resistant, weightless and comfortable.

Who would benefit greatly from eyelash extensions?

Professional women of all ages are on a lookout for some miraculous strategies to cut down the valuable time they spend on getting ready for work. Here is the magic spell! Lash extensions are a sure-fire way to adorn healthy lashes as long as your natural lashes don’t fall-off. Each refill session lasts for about an hour with a repeat refill around2-3 weeks (This would differ from person to person).

Not only working women but also homemakers dream of those dramatic eyes to boost their confidence. Having those mesmerizing eyes adds up to the overall appeal of a women’s beauty.

Almost anyone can enjoy the privilege of eyelash extensions. Although certain conditions can make them inappropriate. Getting some insight to know that you do not fall in this category would be fruitful.

Who would not make a good lash extension candidate?

1) Insufficient Lash Hairs

When it comes to Lash Extensions, the pre-requisite is to have healthy natural lash hairs on which extensions are glued. So if there is a dearth of lash hair due to some medical condition then you must wait for the healthy lashes to grow back. Few ailments that results into hair loss are Chemotherapy (treatment for cancer-causing loss of hair), Alopecia (a condition causing an inability to grow hair) or Trichotillomania (a disorder involving urge to pull out body/lash hair). You can try using growth Serum or resort to Natural Lash care for good results.

2) Health Status

Several medical conditions would prohibit you from this procedure. Guests who have undergone cataract or eye surgery should refrain from extending their lashes. Even if you have had back surgery or are suffering from back pain, you will have to give this a second thought. You have to lie on your back for a sufficiently long duration for this treatment. Pregnant or lactating mothers should not face any problems, but it is always better to consult your physician. Once you have a green signal from your doc you can come running to us to grab those alluring lashes.

A common cold, sinus infection or eye infections that may cause eye secretions would not allow adequate bonding of the adhesive causing premature lash extension loss. Once the infection is out of the way, there is no reason why you cannot visit us. Patients consuming Thyroid medication may need to schedule their refilling appointments sooner due to increased shedding.

3) Sensitivity

You cannot opt for this treatment if you have an adhesive reaction to lashes (cyanoacrylate is an ingredient found in adhesives). Some salons use other adhesives of varying strength for guests with such lash allergies. Some may be hypersensitive to eye pads, tape, or any other product, while others may be prone to seasonal allergies. In both scenarios, the irritation may aggravate or the extensions may fall off prematurely. Only after proper consultation with the lash artist, the decision to change the adhesive is taken to avoid further issues.

4) Faulty Procedures

The poor application sometimes troubles guests with natural lash damage or eyelash allergy. In such cases, you have to wait for re-growth of the natural lashes. After one to three months, the lash stylist re-examines the growth and decides if the procedure can be carried on.

5) Personal Traits

Few personal habits also make it inappropriate for Lash Extension:

a. The tendency to rub eyes too frequently.

b. Women who wear excessive eye makeup or are negligent about the removal of makeup.

c. Many young ladies sleep on their face or use eye drops.

d. Last but not the least, if you think you cannot commit to timely refilling sessions. Sorry! You cannot go for lash extensions.


Wisp Lashes, with its professional stylists, ensures optimum customer satisfaction for each of its guests. We recommend that you should be clear from any of the above-mentioned problems to fully enjoy your experience with us. Our bond is not going to be short-lived, your well-being is our prime motive.