Eyelash extensions like other beauty treatments are not the run-and-go kind of procedure. Lash artists need to be patient not only during the lashing process but throughout their association with the client. Client satisfaction should be the utmost priority for any beauty business. Great customer service is the key to building a good retainer client base.

Like any other business, every client may not be the same; a lash artist may encounter some clients who are difficult to deal with. Dealing with some strong-headed clients can sometimes take a toll on lash artists. But they will have to keep their cool at all times for the business to maintain a good reputation. The lash artist must understand the need and desire of every individual client, catering to them in a manner that will make them keep coming back.

Tips for handling difficult lash clients:

1) Irregularity with Lash Appointments

Sometimes situations and surroundings are not in our control. We are humans and life sometimes tends to go opposite to what we have planned. So be compassionate, patient, and understanding towards your client. Don’t let hell break loose if they are running late for an appointment or you haven’t heard from them. They may be caught up in traffic or their work meetings might have run overtime. A lot of things could happen on the other end.

Irregularity with Lash Appointments

Stay calm and call to see if they are still planning to come. With a soothing voice, remind them that they still have the remainder of the service time allotted to them. Assure them you would try your  best to get their lashes as full as possible. If you can manage to extend their appointment time, by compromising on your break time after their appointment, clients will be grateful. 

However, this cannot be the situation every time; we know that your time is also valuable. If you see this occurring regularly, remind them kindly that you won’t be able to get their lashes to their full beauty due to their consistent tardiness. 

2) Dealing with clients who are potentially upset

Eyelashes extensions are a recurring procedure; clients will keep coming back to you every 2-3 weeks. Each refill session lasts for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. It means they spend a good chunk of their time every few days in your salon. 

Dealing with clients who are potentially upset

 It is a good initiative to make your clients feel comfortable and safe by offering them a blanket or water. Just allow them to be free. Let them vent their emotions while you listen emphatically. They might be looking for a shoulder to cry on. Or they might want someone to comfort or advise them. Just be kind and loving as a friend to show that you care. This gesture will make your client feel better. And for you, you will have a dedicated customer.

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3) An upset client is venting their anger on you

Every individual responds to situations differently. Some may want a shoulder to cry on while others may feel better if they unload  all their frustrations on someone else. Remember, don’t take it personally, when a client tends to get out of control.

An upset client is venting their anger on you

As we mentioned earlier, it is difficult to gauge what may be going on in someone else’s life. We might tend to frame our opinions with what we see or experience. But in reality, we may never understand what might be the cause of rude behavior. As a professional, you must learn to negotiate and compromise. Remember that any act of kindness will never go unrewarded; it will pay off in the long run.

4) Client is dissatisfied or upset with your service

Be patient! You will have to listen calmly to the concerns of your clients if they call up after the appointment with problems. Don’t play the blame game. You have to retain your clients at any cost. This means you have to address their grievances. With your skills, you have to try your best to turn the unhappy client into a satisfied client who will keep coming back to your service. To achieve this, you might have to call them as soon as possible for a redo or a complimentary service. Client referrals are the best and a proven way to grow your lash business. 

Essential Tips On How To Handle Tough Lash Clients

5) Client comes in sick to the lash salon

You will have to make a judgment call for this one! You are the one performing the procedure, so you have to assess if their condition will neither compromise them or anything in your area. It is imperative that the lashing space is clean and free of germs.

Client comes in sick to the lash salon

Entertaining one sick client might risk you and the other clients. It is better to advise sick clients to reschedule their appointment without imposing any penalty. Do all this with courtesy and grace. In a kind, friendly way, explain to your client that it would be best if you see them once they feel better. 

During lashing sessions, the clients need to lie still on their backs for a significantly long time without much movement. You can explain to them that this might make them uneasy since they are unwell.

6) Don’t sacrifice your professionalism

Your client is a walking billboard of your skills and expertise. When your beautifully lashed client goes around flaunting your work, she is sure to generate referrals for you. On the other hand, you need to use your experience and expertise in convincing your client to pick an eyelash style that is perfect for her. If she insists on making the call, it is important to explain the pros and cons of her choice to avoid problems in the long haul.

Don't sacrifice your prof

When the client schedules her appointment, explain in a friendly manner that her choice of  lashes extensions should compliment the shape of her face and persona. Don’t just dismiss her choice without providing satisfactory reasons for your disapproval. 

Along with photos of your wonderful work, store some photos of poor eyelash choices to show clients why certain styles do not work on certain faces. If you are tech-savvy, use apps that digitally show types of lashes on a client’s face.

7) Don’t be rigid with your opinion

If your clients do not seem convinced with your opinion, recommend them to get additional advice from another lash artist.  Clients are often convinced that a particular style of lash extensions will make them look gorgeous. In this case, you might be sending your client to your competitor, which means risking your business.

classic lash

You might be tempted to give in to your client’s desire since you know better which eyelash will work best for them. However, you can’t afford to be rude and offend your client. Getting into an unnecessary argument will only drive your client away. If you get the rude tag, customers will be more likely to avoid you.

 If you see that your client is not willing to let go of her choice, you can give in to what she wants. It is best for both you and the client to compromise to avoid conflict.


The bottom line is that you have to be kind, patient, and understanding even if your client is acting to be otherwise. Even in the most frustrating circumstances, you will have to maintain your professionalism and show utmost compassion and empathy towards your coveted lash clients. 

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