Looking at the gorgeous beauty queens around, women wish “Can I too have those fluttery eyes?” Of course, who does not want to look adorable! Why worry? Your prayers are answered in the form of Lash Lift or Eyelash Extension. They will give you voluminous Barbie eyes that mascara and falsies can’t dream of accomplishing. And the icing on the cake is that you can wake up looking mesmerizing to start your day upbeat without the hassle of applying makeup. If at all you think that these are only for the aristocratic and would take hours of maintenance from beauty professionals, its time you change your mind.

Lash Extension has been around for quite some time to get that alluring appearance. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes, applied using a surgical glue by a trained technician on each of your natural lashes. The catch comes here.

Although it is a profound and widely accepted methodology, it does rule out a few women who may not be able to take advantage of this beauty treatment. For instance, those who may have an allergy to Cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in Eyelash Extension adhesive may not classify as ideal candidates. The world doesn’t end here! We don’t want you to feel low if you are one of them. Lash Lift is the sure-fire way for you to get those selfie-ready lashes.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know about Lash Lift.

What is LASH LIFT?

The natural lashes of the clients are raised and curled, to accentuate the eye beauty providing naturally lifted eyelashes. Do you need more curl or more lift? A lash lift can accommodate your choice easily. A specially created silicone pad and perm solution lift the natural lashes from the root.

Each natural lash is carefully isolated by the technician, adhering it to the silicon rod where water-soluble glue has been applied. Then the lifting lotion is applied to the lashes elevating the hair to a new position. Within some time the lifting glue is removed and the setting glue is applied to add lushness and definition to your natural eyelashes.



The lash lift process may sound very similar to perms, but lash lift uses silicone rods while perms use disposable rods. 

The best part is that without any new addition, the procedure is performed on your natural lashes to provide a natural lift. Basically, for those with beautiful long lashes that may be growing downwards, Lash Lift would do an outstanding job! Within no time you would be ready to get going.

Your lashes may be thin or short; you just need to relax as Lash lift works for any length or thickness to provide wonderful looking dreamy eyes. However, you need to bear in mind that since the entire process is on natural lashes, so the effect for short lashes would not be as profound as long lashes. The same holds true for thin lashes.


You can get that luscious natural feel with this low-maintenance beauty therapy. This technique will not give you a headache of spending long hours in grooming sessions making it difficult to manage your hectic schedule. 

You need to visit us generally after 4 to 6 weeks. A natural lash cycle takes about so much time, during which some of the lashes may grow while others may shed.

You can always add more drama to your eyes by opting for Lash tinting along with Lash Lift. It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour for a lash lift and tints to highlight the authentic beauty of your eyes.

Besides keeping the lashes dry and away from any oil or shampoos after the first 24 hours of the session, it needs minimal aftercare. It gives you all the liberty to sleep on your face. Bingo! What more can you ask for?


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