Eyelash extensions are addictive while being a luxury to let you dress up in the morning in a jiffy without spending hours in front of the mirror. They make your eyes look so enlarged, adding extra volume to your luscious lashes. 

Some start their lash journey during their wedding, whereas others might opt for this treatment during their baby shower. The reason for this is so straightforward; it reduces make-up time and lets you look adorable in your pic. Some stop once their purpose is met with and, others instantly fall in love with their coveted lashes forever. 

However, some questions plague every woman who opts for lash extensions. Let us answer some questions that may have crossed your mind as well. That’s why you are here reading this blog!

Is it necessary to take a break from lash extensions?

Many clients are worried about their natural lashes. They think that taking a break from a lash application will reduce the strain of the extensions on the natural lashes. They also believe that it will cause premature shedding of their natural lashes. Don’t worry about this! You need to take a break only if you fall into one of these categories:

1) If you choose an unprofessional lash artist

If you are not visiting a professional lash artist who uses certified quality products, take a pause. They can be worn for a lifetime only if applied in the right length, weight, and thickness according to the natural lashes.

A good lash artist would prioritize the health of the natural lashes as they ought to place the extensions onto the healthy natural lashes. The older lashes fall off and, new healthy ones come back in their place. The artist lookout for healthy new grown lashes that can bear the weight of the extensions. It is fruitful to get you looking fab with your lashes in full volume.

If the client’s demands are unreasonable, the artist needs to put down their foot. You want the clients to keep coming back and, that will happen if they have healthy natural lashes for you to bond the extensions.

2) Eye problems

Do you ever need to take a break from eyelash extensions

You cannot have eyelash extensions if you experience redness, itching, swelling, pain, or any other problems in or around the area of the eyes. Removing the extensions would give some time for the eyes to heal and rest from the allergy or infection. Consulting a specialist to determine and cure the problem should top your priority list. And even after the issue is resolved, you must allow full recovery of your immune system before you book another appointment.

3) Pulling your lashes

Towards the end of the lash cycle, the extensions tend to slightly twist or droop. Some gals tend to wait for pretty long before they rush to the salon for a refilling session. Regular refills can help to avoid this situation, where you won’t be tempted to pull your outgrown lashes. Pulling either due to habit or due to a situation like this one can harm the natural lashes causing them to fall prematurely. There is no other alternative to this problem; you just can’t pull your eyelash extensions even if they have been poorly applied by your lash artist.

4) Dirty Lash extensions

Dirty Lash extensions

If you are a lazy brat who loves to wear the extensions but avoids the cleaning regime, then you too will fall in this category. If you do not clean the lash extensions properly, it causes oil and germ build-up. Regular cleaning helps to ward off the microscopic mites infection that resides in the lash line. Cleaning must be done gently without any rubbing or tugging to avoid lash loss.

How can you remove the extensions?

You can let the lashes shed naturally, which can take approx. 5 to 6 weeks. It is the time required for a typical lash set to shed completely. If you are in a hurry, then pop into your salon and ask your technician to do the needful. It would barely take him a few minutes to apply the removal lotion and, you would be ready. We warn you against trying this stint at home unless you want to invite trouble. It is a professional job and is best if done by trained professionals.

Who should decide regarding the removal of the extensions?

No one else besides your lash artist can give you the best advice. They are the masters in this field and, with the experience and knowledge they have, they can offer the best solution to the problem. They can guide you precisely about the before and after procedures to follow to revive and enhance the growth of your natural lashes. You can also try using a lash serum that can help to increase the length and strength of the natural lashes. But it is imperative to use these products diligently to see the desired effect. When you are on a break, you can opt for these serums to revive your natural lashes.

Who should decide regarding the removal of the extensions?

Wait for at least a month after you have taken a break so that the baby lashes grow strong and the natural lash cycle is complete. It would also give the serums enough time to show their capability. It’s all up to you how long you think you can stay away from your darling extensions!


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