What is the most often disregarded aspect of a women’s beauty? You guessed it right! Eyebrows of course! You must see your pic before you started grooming your brows. You will be surprised at what a huge difference a well-groomed eyebrow can have on your overall appeal. They have the power to magnify your beautiful eyes and make them look more enticing.

In this crucial time of the novel coronavirus, many tend to be apprehensive to maintain their routine brow shaping appointments. It is not only intimidating to let someone come so close to your face, but it also pinches the pockets. Women tend to shudder when they look at their unkempt eyebrows in front of the mirror, and of course, feel sceptical about trying to do it by oneself. But you need not worry at all. We have a Do-It-Yourself guide ready for you to get those perfectly shaped brows that suit your face type without visiting any expert.

Don’t fret if you’ve never tried it earlier, we will take you through each step in detail. Just keep a professional tool-kit on hand and be decisive to stop at the right time. You will manage to keep the extra hair at bay with our guidelines.

1) Purchase a professional eyebrow shaping tool kit

The first thing you need to do before your brow shaping spree is investing in a high-quality kit that must contain slanting tweezers, brow shaping scissors, spoolie brush, and brow stencils.

The reason slanting tweezers are handier for this job is as they assist in plucking the hair from the root due to their firm grip. This avoids hair breakage. Normal scissors can lead to irregular trimming. Brow shaping scissors are designed with the right blade length and sharpness. The hinges and handles on these scissors need to be very flexible for smooth usage and easy grip.

How can one forget an appropriate mirror and lights? Without these, the tweezing job is sure to go haywire. Magnifying mirrors may sabotage your vision since it would only magnify the eyebrow hair. You need a clear picture, where u can judge the eyebrow shape to suit your overall face. A regular dressing table mirror or a big sized hand mirror would suffice well.

Expert suggests that natural daylight is the best when it comes to shaping brows. Perch yourself near a huge window, where there is an abundance of natural light. It is best to avoid bright artificial light.

2) Identify your eyebrow shape

Once you have all your essentials ready, the first step would be to determine your facial cut. Depending on your facial structure, you will have to decide which eyebrow shape will suit you the best.

eyebrow shaping

It is also important to understand three key parts of your eyebrows before you actually start with tweezing your eyebrows.

Start by resting a thin pencil vertically against your nose and mark the point where it touches your brow as your start point. This process will help in giving balance and symmetry to your eyebrows. Now rotate the pencil clockwise and stop at the outer edge of your iris to get your natural arch. It should be around two-thirds of the way from your start point to the end tail. After marking the arch point move the pencil further down till it reaches the outer corner of your eye and this is how you will get your endpoint. Repeat the same process on both your eyebrows and then connect points of both eyebrows forming a straight line below and above your brows. This creates a perfect guideline to help you figure out which hair to tweeze and which to leave alone.

3) Avoid over plucking


The eyebrow should not be plucked too frequently as it damages the hair follicles.  There should be a gap of a minimum of 15 days before each plucking session. If you have good hair growth then it can be a bit earlier. After marking your brow shape you are now ready to pluck. Let’s see how to manage your bushy eyebrows at home:

4) Cover your sparse brows

brows shaping

You can fill your brows naturally with a top-notch powder, gel, or pencil. Be very particular when it comes to choosing the right color. To avoid the artificial look, the choice of brow and hair color must be as similar as possible.


It is easier said than done. Some jobs and occasions do need a professional touch. We at Wisp Lashes trust our superior eyebrow shaping services and are hopeful that clients would not think of anyone else but us when it comes to eyebrow shaping. You can rest assured that we will give you the perfect brow shape, with complete hygiene and sanitation.