Isn’t it the dream of every girl to have fluttery eyelashes?

Many of us struggle with that mascara every single day, trying to ramp up the length and volume of the lashes but ending up feeling disappointed by its results. If you want a better solution without the hassles of acing the mascara swipe every single morning, then ditch the wand and get the classic lashes.

Why Should You Get Classic Lashes?

Look Gorgeous with the No-Makeup Look

Get Classic Lashes

Ditch the Mascara for a Better and Convenient Solution

Many have the habit of never stepping out of the house without any mascara on. But, isn’t it too much work and effort to apply the mascara and then make sure that it doesn’t drip over face even with a little water on your face?

For those who have become accustomed to the mascara but suffer from severe time crunch of applying it cautiously, classic lashes are a god-send! You may be a busy businesswoman, an athlete or an overworking housewife. You can walk of the house confidently any time of the day, knowing that you are pretty with just your eyelash extensions!

Pick the Weightless and Natural Option

Unlike the single-use eyelash extensions that may start to come out when the glue isn’t applied right and feels heavy on the eye, the classic lashes offer a more practical solution. It is utterly weightless that you will forget about it! It stays for many weeks and doesn’t come out in lumps. So it still feels like natural lashes until you sit for the next appointment to get your eyelash extensions done! What more do you need!

How Are the Classic Lashes Positioned?

Classic Lashes Positioned

Transform Yourself with Classic Lashes at Wisp Lashes

At Wisp Lashes, we have a customized approach to each of our clients. Some may have denser eyelashes while some have very sparse but long lashes. Some may have a high volume of lashes towards the center, which reduces towards the corner of the eyelid. We understand that everyone’s eyelash is different and, therefore, analyze and adopt a customized look to achieve the desired outcome.

Based on the length, volume and placement of the natural lashes, we will design a model personalized to make your eyelashes look fuller and voluminous in a natural way.

We offer luxury eyelash extension services according to our client’s expectations. We only use high-quality eyelash extensions that stay on for a long time and makes them look sexier and strikingly charming.

Book your appointment at our lash extensions center at Knoxville, TN and get yourself a pair of natural, batting eyelashes!

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