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Tips For Fixing Volume Lash Issues

3 Tips For Fixing Volume Lash Issues

Volume lashes are in vogue, with everyone from celebrities to businesswomen flaunting it. As a lash lounge offering volume lash extensions, you can expect lots of clients coming in for those gorgeous, fluttering volume lashes. With high-quality lashes, adhesives, and best practices, you can quickly create a loyal client base. However, when the procedure isn’t […]


Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

The pleasure of bringing a new life into the world is incomparable to anything else. Pregnancy is a very uncertain and crucial phase in the life of every woman. No two women may have the same pregnancy experience. Although one thing is certainly common in most expecting mothers; they all want to feel more loved, […]

The Best Makeup to wear with your eyelash extension

The Best Makeup to wear with your eyelash extension

Have you ever wondered how celebs have those fluttery sparkling eyes? How their eyes look so stunning even in the most mundane selfies? Well, not all have those enigmatic eyes that that can make you go gaga. All the credit goes to this cosmetology invention known as Eyelash Extensions. This technique has swirled the world […]

Eye Lash Extension Am I the right candidate for a lash extension

Eye Lash Extension: Am I the right candidate for a lash extension?

Women go bonkers craving for those natural long eyelashes! Why not? Fuller lashes add more definition making your eyes look gorgeous. For that wide-eyed appearance, many beauty conscious women resort to time-consuming practices of using falsies, eye curlers and mascara. Get rid of these! Nothing works as well as Eyelash Extensions to add lushness and […]


Lash Extensions Myths Busted

Hey there, gorgeous!  Let’s be honest; we all love waking up with full and fluttery lashes that make us feel like a total bombshell. But the sad part is not everyone is blessed with such lashes naturally. Consider eyelash extensions – a treatment that promises to make your eyes pop without applying mascara or falsies.  […]